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  1. lol idk maybe xD :) but yeah gonna post whore more . but this is kinda creepy. 100+ guests online and like.. 2 members online. this place is a ghost town x.x

  2. well if glowsticks were not allowed in this household then i can't really buy and get my shit shipped here .. and i'm out of 15in bad boys

  3. things have been calm she's leaving me alone but glowsticking is still banned in the household. and as for the 15 in ultras.. well.. syphonkiller's cousin never gave me my raws xD

  4. well i am doing my job already haha

  5. no worries i will. my 6666th post is closing in and it's my tradition to release a video every 1111th post ;P

  6. lol i'm a forum ninja but i never said i quit forever ;)

  7. word. hold it down for sleepy hollow.

  8. if today really is your birthday happy birthday nigga!

  9. happy birthday sir jeff

  10. lol happy birthday nigga xD..

    oh shit! my comment from last year xD!

  11. turning 24 today yo? dude, happy birthday yo :)

  12. lol that's it im bout to teach it to you next time we meet lmao

  13. you know it ;o .. it's celeriously x-ponential in x-tremity

  14. lawl. is that a yes ;o?

  15. tell me at least one :3

  16. what is the shiett @_@ ;o

  17. life's good right now yo :) how bout yours :3

  18. -pokes you cuz i can- :o hi :)

  19. manips are something i don't know :P

  20. no @_@.. i ask everyone to teach me something. anything ;O.. so when i come over to edc next year.. the west coast will feel the barrage of me asking them to TEACH ME SOMETHING!

  21. lol i have a lot more to learn xD so teach me :D

  22. salamat po ate :) maligayang pasko :D