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  1. hahahaha i knew it =P

  2. lol =D sweeeet =3 i use aim / msn a lot @_@ or myspace xD i know friendster's pretty popular over there in the philippines though xD

  3. Yori's Room

    even anime chicks? xD
  4. Yori's Room

    your hair goes so fucking well with everything !!!
  5. =D! syempre naman =D holdin it down for the homeland!!!

  6. haha okay lang po tagalog ko =] ^_^ well thanks for the compliment yo =3 yeahhhh flips do it better haha ;3

  7. Yori's Room

    try using the keyboard when it doesn't let you press allow on the mouse.. that's what happens to mine cuz i have a vista upstairs and it works that way.
  8. omg filipina =DDDD kumusta po ate ;D =3

  9. been super busy man =[ as you can see i don't spam as much as i used to =[

  10. Yori's Room

    that's what i need by my wallet is super tight on budget right now T______T struggles graphic designer over here D:
  11. Yori's Room

    i haven't found a good one that would be awesome quality and cheap
  12. welcome to the east coast gsc family yo =]

  13. i thought you made a new one?

  14. Yori's Room

    oh man i dunno where to start uhh.. glowshops.. some new site features.. new staff team.. some new people.. cloud collab.. gsu, gsu2.. etc @_@
  15. Yori's Room

    hahahaha you ripped it sikkkkk xD! lolol that epic got owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwned!
  16. Yori's Room

    snowshop glowshop sounds like it's the thing to do =]
  17. Yori's Room

    -knock knock- where are the rest of the east coast! post post post!
  18. so you better make it =3 ^_^!

  19. yes we'll see =] ^_^ -hugs-

  20. Yori's Room

    i haven't even seen them once yet =[
  21. rawr =x i'm pretty sure i'll have that feeling all day @_@

  22. Yori's Room

    we repped gsc <3 sweetness!!!