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  1. Can't believe my name is still here though but... I honestly catch myself practicing at work with my tosses, carrots are fun to freehand with lmfao, so are yellow squashes! I found 1 dead stick and i practice with a tide pen lol to help me drain the end of the night adrenaline lol.
  2. Yori's Room

    whatup guys!
  3. Yori's Room

    Last night for school I cooked organ meats........... I can now say I have eaten a lambs tongue.... lmfao and sweet breads is not what it sounds like hahaha
  4. Yori's Room

    I'm too busy playing left 4 dead on my free time lol
  5. Yori's Room

    Hey folks =D I am back lol..... I've been getting life set straight with my schooling (culinary school) So how are yall doin?!
  6. its brooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

  7. It's been for freakin' ever! How are you?

  8. Your tickle video makes me smile :D

  9. yooooooooooooooo what is up!! Love muffins! <3

  10. rawr katt hi! lol

  11. you were a a really cool cat man. hanging out. in nyc with was you was the shit

  12. Yori's Room

    BOOO TO OPTIMUM ONLINE!! my webernets is down at home for a week now like god damn ! Thank god for school computers ! cant wait for that DEC 8th partay! totally stoked i still need to email for guest list lol
  13. Popped your comment cherry!

  14. Yori's Room

    Yeah when I go back to the philippines I get alot of stares....I swear they know I'm a balik bayan (someone born there and moves away) it's like they can smell you or see it in you lmfao..... ubt after a few days I re-assimilated and looked and smelled like them (food!!) lfmaooo. Rai bring me back some Jollibee!! and some goldilocks Pulburon (im pretty sure I spelled it wrong) I will happily pay you the also for the 2 or 3 dollars their all worth there =) !!!