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  1. I made this video years ago, and was asked where it was recently. I thought that you all would like to take a look at it as well. It gives you two nice ways to predictably transition between glowsticking and freehanding. Hope you guys like it, Enjoy and Share !!!
  2. I agree that IM needs to just stick to the Live Sets. They are so much more exciting to watch and the crowd gets more engaged. As far as it being a "let down" overall ... it surely didn't meet the expectations that I had set for it, but I would still gladly buy a ticket for another show like that.
  3. [Looks like I'm going to have to come out of the woodwork for this one. I'm sure I'll run into some of you there. Call me if you're going (720)365-0818 , or you can just look for my blonde mohawk.
  4. As sad as it is to see you go Jenny, I'm glad to see that you have thought it through. It's a very responsible decision, and I respect that greatly. Personally though, I'm saddened to know that I won't have that adorable girl running up to give me a great big hug when I show up at a party unexpectedly. Just like you have for everyone else here, you always made me feel welcome and appreciated, which is exactly what it takes to be a great teacher. Oh ... and a lot of patience! Best of luck in all of your future endeavors! God Speed.
  5. The Colorado Ski and Snowboard season has begun, and we are starting to get some good snow in the high country. Both Arapahoe Basin and Loveland Basin Ski resorts have opened and are running lifts daily. Breckenridge is scheduled to open on Nov. 6, and the rest of the resorts around Thanksgiving. If anyone is interested in coming up to ride, I live at Beaver Creek, 8 miles past Vail on I-70, and I'll be riding pretty much every day, so please, if you're headed this way this winter, let me know you're coming and we can go ride.
  6. Well, since nobody else has committed, I'm going to let the snowboarding season take priority here, and move myself into the MAYBE category. GOING NOT GOING MAYBE DJ Vykos Corruption
  7. It's a shame that nobody seems to be getting excited about any Halloween Parties, but c'mon people. AfterLife is a party ON Halloween, you know ... crazy costumes and all, and it's only $20 bucks. Personally, I think that Dave Aude and Jon Bishop are both pretty sick, and tickets to shows around here with a SINGLE big name on the ticket usually draws a $20 price tag, and ends at 2 in the morning. Halloween is, hands down, no questions asked, my favorite holliday. More than anything besides maybe St. Patrick's and the 4th, there's no other hollidays that are really just about partying ! ! ! So honestly, I'm disappointed that feel that I'll be the most excited one going to a show from GSC. It's completely possible that there are more excited people, but if you're out there, speak up and get some other people excited about whatever show you want to go to. Excitement is infectious. Part of the reason that I haven't committed to a show until know is because everyone is so apathetic about all of them. I understand that 20 bucks is more to some than others, but honestly, $20 is a small price to pay to have a memorable night with friends. These parties are as much about who you're there with, as it is about who's dropping the beats. I'd like it if there were some people from GSC going to AfterLife to share the excitement with me, so if anyone else is interested in going, get excited about it ! You know that if you go into it with the right mindset, you'll have a blast ! I hope to see some names pop up under mine on the GOING list ... so don't leave me lonely at the show, I won't have nearly as good of a time without you guys! GOING DJ Vykos NOT GOING MAYBE
  8. It's a bunch of stereotypical southern baptist church dancers set to music, but give it a look. It's good for a chuckle or two...
  9. Hope you guys are havin' fun. I'm thinkin' of you and stringing at home in tribute of the meetup.
  10. Yeah, Fifty bucks is pretty steep. Do you guys think that AfterLife will be a better deal for $20 even though it's going to be at twoAM ... or whatever they're calling it?
  11. The last time I saw Richard Vision, they pulled the plug during his set. It might be time to see him again ...
  12. Wait a second here .... I just googled the address for the "City Hall Events Venue" where AfterLife is supposed to be and all the websites are for twoAM. Really?!? REALLY?!?!? They're having a halloween massive a twoAM?!? What kind of crap is that? I thought that the Paladium was a stretch to have HallowFreakinWeen at last year, but a MASSIVE at twoAM ... Wow. I guess the trade off is that the tickets for HallowFreakinWeen are $50 for presale and AfterLife is only $20.
  13. You should also keep an eye out for parties at the Root on the hill. They don't throw GREAT parties, but they are really cheap, and right up the road from you.
  14. I have a couple friends up here that wanted to go to a party ON halloween ... So I have to decide between After Life and the Fetish Ball ... Tough decision.
  15. Ha Ha! I love me some 21st B-Days! ! Ya know, being a bartender and all... We'll see if I can make it for that ... have you decided on a show that you're going to for Halloween?