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  1. Yori's Room

    Azz, I'll help, what time do you plan on leaving out?
  2. hey waddup seven!

  3. seven wuts good bro. just poppin by. u know how i do with the random encounters. hope u takin it easy man.

  4. Aw I hope that you've been doing well!

  5. hahaha you always look so snazzy. How is the wife doing? I haven't really spoken to you in a long time.. I talk to Aden more than I talk to you and Aden is NEVER on!!! I miss you my big brother!!

  6. Badass profile picture, bro

  7. Colin!!! how is the wife to be and how is life? I know you were thinking of getting a job at a restaurant like.. forever ago.. did that ever work out?

  8. <3 muffins to my brother!! Miss you!

  9. your 3rd vid still rocks!

  10. Yori's Room

    Or a Chinese Meth dragon ... they're pretty cheap this time of year ... Sears may be having a sale on magic carpets as well.
  11. Yori's Room

    Lemme find out DR ducks rock fro's down there. LOL looks beautiful over there though. damn, I'd like to go one day.
  12. Yori's Room

    No wonder I haven't seen DrSnot signed onto my buddylist as of late. Damn, DR, have loads of fun bro.
  13. Yori's Room

    Can't make it.