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  1. Hey man i have a little teaser vid with the little ground work i was talking about . ill get it up and send it to you.

  2. EASY man real men wear pink. ha ha ha. dude photonSEE YOU AT EDC MY FRIEND.

  3. Hey man how have you been? Its been a while man

  4. Does your name come from the desiase from ff7 AC?

    Just wondering man

  5. Hey hey cant wait to see you and everyone else at EDC and maybe the PRE. AHHHHHHHHHHH. its a month away.

  6. Hey man thank you much.

  7. Well We had a black light on the floor. Thats the bluish glow and we messed with the exposure time on the camera. How it got like that i have not a clue. Ha ha ha

  8. I honestly dont think the ticket will be that hard. I checked last night for flights from the 11th to the 13th round trip and it comes to about 350-450 and thats not as bad as i thought. So im going to keep up in the forums to let you all know whats up. But as of right now its looking like pretty good. Just hope nothing comes up between now and then. Im sure i can get the time off of work and

  9. Ha ha ha. Thanks dude. Yeah its me free handing. Yeah i think you right about the color. Imma work on it.

  10. Man Id love to go but i gots to worry about money. Roughly how much would you think i need. I mean i gots to get a plane ticket. Plus food and i dont know but maybe someone could let me crash

  11. DUDE add me to your myspace bro.

  12. Hey man good seeing ya today

  13. Hey dude the track in the vid is by:

    Dj Dara - Kosheen - (Slip and Slide) Suicide

    if you want the track give me your aim name and i'll send it to you sometime

  14. Hey man whats up. These forums freacking rock