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  1. (pretty much the same as oe above): When you can practice glowstringing... without glowstrings.
  2. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Excellent editing. I'm glad it turned out so well =) Also, you didn't screw up, it wasn't your fault with the clouds and stuff.
  3. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    You better be ready to give him 100 points... he has most (all?) of the editing done already =P
  4. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    FlowRate's super special premiere collab submission (due to previous technical difficulties, not lack of trying, haha.) Thanks cheneric and melvenorc12!!
  5. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    I will probably be filming on saturday.
  6. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Too bad I lost my remaining two ultras. Oh wellll. (I don't have $50 to order more glowsticks atm =P)
  7. Yori's Room

    I got the report but I guess I was too late to give a suspension for abusing the alert a moderator button XD. HI EAST COAST!
  8. bug's bunny: "what's up doc?"

  9. Spontaneity and GLOWSTRINGING (not poi)
  10. I recommend sparrow's tutorial along with messing with handles and exaggerating both the body and hand movements. Try to get full extension.
  11. Alright, I'm gonna keep working on this. Low windmill, reverse butterfly. I'm going to say same time, even though the def of BF is implied same time. By same time, I mean same plane (both in front, both in back). While both are in back, transitioning to front, vertically stall both glowsticks. Catch both glowsticks. Neither is in peripheral vision. I just did it and haven't managed to come very close since then. I wish I had it on film. I'm going to keep working on this.
  12. SJ, but only every so often. New wrap combos. I keep ending up doing the same, or very simlar, one. I just need some different stuff for variation. I want to work on the atomic weave and some other stuff i've been working on
  13. Quarter time? I'm working on... because I'm not working on anything really, I'll say I'm working on consistancy =P. I work on SJ every time someone mentions them in GSC Aim chat.
  14. Rev. Butterfly UTA Crosser... Butterfly, normal, btb, full, etc. waistwraps. Toying with antispin weave. Having fun.