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  1. Yori's Room

    Sooooooo...... What'd I Miss? =P And uh...where is everyone? *echoooo* *echo*
  2. PORKCHOP SANDWICHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Tehehe...this video truly is a masterpiece, I burned it to keep it FOREVER..... BOO YA! This Was @ around 3AM last night (eastern time) (didn't get to eat popcorn though lol)
  4. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    X2! That was SCHWEET! It's amazing how much I've learned since the video was taken...and its been, what less than a month? O_O Hats off to everyone who participated, your footage was amazing! This video doubled my drive to practice, practice, and become more fluid... And Lira, you forgot to give yourself props for your wonderful freehand display! Awesome Collab, Can't wait for the next one ...... <3 GSC
  5. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    I <3 Cable BEASTIN IT! 300kbps
  6. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    wonder how much time lol.... soo.....anxious.....
  7. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Yeappers....take your time... It's better for it to look awesome than come out fast...... If you slap it together in 10 minutes...its gunna show....
  8. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    =\ I ate all the popcorn lol and I broke my ameriglows.... stupid hooks....
  9. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Bring It On! I'll take a drop kick to the face any day! =P Yea...Can't wait for this vid...Got the computer hooked up to the big tv and I'm making popcorn!
  10. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

  11. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    ... I can =P
  12. Cloud Collab: NOT ACCEPTING

    Wish I could've re-submitted my footage lol, ah well, I dont have any ultras..I'll deal =P
  13. Yori's Room

    Unisom = sleep.....yupperz.... as for "i only slept for like 35 minutes" hangover/jet lag, crappy feeling... Java Monster FTW
  14. Yori's Room

    Lol, come to think of it, I think those were my regular yellows that I dropped earlier on that night...
  15. Yori's Room

    x2! It WAS Amazing.... 'cept for that "battler" who kept getting in our faces... but other than that, a flawless night! (Now I think its time to edit this profile of mine and make it all "me-ish" with an avatar and sig...) Lemme know when the next 1 is...