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  1. ey fool, when am i gonna see you again

  2. Like mid May I'll be back in Cali before I deploy again, bout a week and 2 weekends

  3. yo sup man, meh its cool i know how that ex shit goes. Shit is going alright same old same old. Whats new with you? when you coming back this way?

  4. Yo man, what's going on. Just wanted to say sorry for that shitty night when I was back, I was being a real drag. But I'm over that kind of crap. how ya been?

  5. hey man u going to a happeee place next sat i know me and patrick are going.

  6. Glad to see ya at fab man lookin forward to seein ya at Tao!! Always liked ur style.

  7. Hey man great meetup appreciate the drinks we had :) lookin forward to more good times!! hope to see ya at the next event/meetup.

  8. So, yeah I bought Uncharted finally and yes it's definitely worth it. Think the gun sequences with Gears/KillSwitch + the platforming of Assassin's/Prince of Persia with a dash of Tomb Raider. Much more to it than what the demo gives you an idea for. 2 more weeks to Fabulous!

  9. Thanx for the awesome meetup man :) You should have stuck around cuz we just relocated and sticked till 1 am :) but the chicken and waffles was great ^_^ thnx again!!!

  10. ya for real. Soooo much blood. was really cool. Then the escape is pretty cool also. just wait till u turn up the difficulty. my god its rough. try the first level on super hard just to see it. lol


  12. Yo, made it to NorCal finally. I'll be back again for another dinner meetup :D Tell me how yours goes.

  13. hmmm not a bad idea. We have to look into it. I dont really have any friends in long beach. So iam not to familiar with the area. but pier sounds good.

  14. chicken + waffle + session, lookin epic, should decide a location nearby where we can glowstick soon . maybe the pier by the lighthouse? its pretty dead there at night