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  1. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    fixed and sorry <3
  2. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    * ugh* i was really hoping this would work out perfectly, and this was a really hard decision to make... but unfortunately, due to alot of complications / ASOT 600 starting time is a lot early than i expected , im going to have to push back the Date of SSBMU to April. il make a FB event soon...... because the forums have been dead lately.. will make sure to have an afterparty the same day.
  3. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Yea... im not submiting any footage to any collab anytime soon if you wish to see me stick... come to SSBMU March 30th 2013.... that is all.. this message if brought to you by dont click the link above if you suffer from heart problems..
  4. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    check laguardia, or Newark NJ airport it'll be worth every penny tho, so start SAVING UP!
  5. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    all i read was 185% going
  6. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    Flights shouldnt be expensive at the end of march, BUT DONT WAIT last min
  7. TBA.. "aiming for april" any other questions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask Going: FreakDeke Syphonkiller Xodiac Alan Gimix Lectra Azzie Aden ElectricSheep Illetz TK stick ICY Not Going Maybe Rorok Melvenorc12 Teal Wushuraver Nmestar Spazzman Zin Fighting zombies for the sake of man kind in another dimension.. Cleric 2012 video coming soon!
  8. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Still Glowsticking in my spare time. when im not Watching korean porno... yea i think i need an intervention soon =x
  9. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    Ninja will?
  10. Yori's Room

    and Gloving..... ekk
  11. Yori's Room

    "Lurking" is in this year
  12. xodiac was the editor for that video, you going to have to ask him

  13. Hello, I just have a question. What is the song that was used for glow love 5? Thank you.

  14. smoothest man alive right here, butter has nothing on him