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  1. https://teespring.com/jollygsc 22 More Hours Until The Deadline!
  2. I've made this design a couple years ago for EDC, but I know a few of you expressed interest in having it reprinted, especially after Dreamstate. Please let me know if you're still interested so I can figure out what to set the prices at (it's based on minimum orders through TeeSpring) and when to set a deadline for purchasing. You can either let me know here, or fill out the following form (the form consolidates all the questions, so that would be easiest): http://goo.gl/forms/QXSCTwrMtx Thanks!
  3. So it seems there will be quite a number of GSCers flocking to SoCal in a few weeks for Insomniac's first all trance event, Dreamstate. We were thinking that it would be a nice opportunity to get some footage and release some new content as well as get a group photo! So far, we're thinking the back left of the room will be the best place during the event for a gathering spot all night. I'll post more details later about what time we should do a group photo so everyone can aim to be there. But, we were also thinking of having a daytime meet-up somewhere before or after the event so we can exchange pleasantries and catch up with everyone and possibly get food afterwards. After speaking with a few of you guys, it seems that Sunday after Dreamstate would be the best day. Would anyone be opposed to this idea?
  4. Although it wasn't released on Anjunabeats, check out Lane 8's Remix of Solomon Grey's Miradors. The Jody Wisternoff remix was released on Anjuna, but Solomon Grey kept Lane 8's for their remix package on a different label.
  5. Hello hello!!!

    Already working on it. So far the plans also include a day time meet on Sunday afterwards. Will you still be in California then?
  6. I need to keep up with this post! Here's what has been released in the past few weeks: AnjunaBeats: Andrew Bayer - Anamnesis Trilogy: Celestial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eHs7jMW_8E Nobody Told Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nuZrkSm9fI TBA! Boom Jinx - No Answers In Luck (Album) Grum - Something About You / First Contact AnjunaDeep: Maribou State - Wallflower (Lane 8 Remix) * I'm a sucker for anything by Lane 8 and this one is no exception!
  7. I got bored the weeks leading up to Escape and made some kandi for some folks. Ironically enough, I don't wear more than two or three singles when I go to a party. Samhain (Trick R' Treat): Hulk, Harley, Joker: If Lost, Return To The Techno Tent: You Breakfast - There's a song that inspired this one: Dreamstate - For Dreamstate SoCal: Sugar Skull Cuff:
  8. One of the few things I've been thinking about in regards to GSC is perhaps starting off fresh. We can't dwell on the past and expect to keep moving to the future. At the same time, I'm still against battling and the negative stigma surrounding it. But by constantly mentioning it, we're being weighed down by our own negativity. We should move forward in a positive light and deal with each new situation as they arise. Most of us have grown up on GSC or have been influenced by it, so I'd like to think we're a bit more mature now to handle these situations like adults rather than have constant drama. As for ideas for GSC: - Can we figure out a way to get more people to actively post content on social media? I believe that's where we're lacking the most. The facebook page is pretty much dead, and the IG I've created can only go so far considering we don't get nearly enough content anymore. I can hand off the passwords to that account to whomever is deemed appropriate, but for now I'll maintain control (If anyone has any content to post on IG, let me know!) - In addition to the above, the YouTube account is in dire need of updating and constant content. - Would you mind if GSC covers new music releases/reviews and festival news on the front page? I know it's vaguely related to glowsticking, but if you don't mind I can write up some articles and round up a few others from acquaintances in the festival scene. Although, getting press/media for Live Nation (Insomniac/Hard/USC/etc.) is notoriously difficult now that they're cracking down and have their sole dedicated photo crew. Not that it wasn't difficult before. - More meet-ups! I know azzie and aden have been trying to organize another Glow Shop on the east coast, but it shouldn't be too hard to organize something small on the west coast.
  9. so how's life?

    Still in vegas. Still going to festivals. Still lame. However, I do work with sharks now. (^^^)
  10. Hello hello!!!

    So far, for myself, it's been Above & Beyond (LA Forum), Beyond Wonderland SoCal (Camping), Rock In Rio LV, EDC LV. What I've got planned include: FSOE 400 (SF), Life Is Beautiful, Nocturnal Wonderland (Camping), Escape (SoCal), and Dreamstate (SoCal).
  11. Nicole Moudaber & Maya Jane Coles were definitely my highlight of the weekend. Great times.