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  1. The principle of laser positioning is preliminarily understood. The mainstream is triangulation and trilateral positioning. The principle of triangulation is similar to GPS. However, for laser positioning, it is more suitable for indoors, and it is necessary to install a certain number in the environment. Reflecting plate, at the same time need to pay attention to the accuracy of the installation of the reflector, the distance, the avoidance of windows, asymmetric arrangement and other elements during installation; positioning is divided into initial static positioning and dynamic positioning during motion, static positioning is used to determine the initial position, Dynamic positioning is continuously updated based on the state of motion.

    In the process of scanning the laser for one week, the distance of the laser from all the reflectors can theoretically be calculated. At the same time, according to the sensing time and the scanning period, the distance between any two reflectors can be calculated by using the triangular formula, and the measurement will be obtained. The distance is compared to the offline theoretical value to match the number and position information of each reflector.

    For the reflection plate detected by the obstacles and other factors during the one-week scanning process, the matching method is corrected on the basis of the number of considerations, and the confidence of the reflector can be matched, and the position of the laser is finally calculated.

    Compared with static scanning, the dynamic process can eliminate the complicated calculation and matching process. During the position estimation timing T, the position can be estimated by steering and speed, acceleration and other information, and the position must have errors in consideration of various interferences; Using the estimated position, the theoretical reflector distance is calculated to obtain the desired list, and the matching can be accelerated by setting the reflector to estimate the distance threshold range.