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  1. I have been spinning handles for like 7-9 years. I started spinning handles because after like a year and a half ago me and 2 of my good friends were all very close in skill level and our move sets were almost identical. I started spinning handles to differentiate myself from other spinners but more specifically my friends. I think handles are amazing. There exists more unexplored territory, in my opinion, with handles. One of the biggest discoveries for me was with mini wraps. Handles expand the wrap combos exponentially with color changing mini wraps. Shit is silly. So if you are thinking about handles, I say DO IT! btw this is old video from a previous channel if you want to see the concept I am talking about with the color changing mini wraps
  2. I spin handles and I would say that my style is improvisational or freestyle. I have a lot of small combos that I thread together. I would say that I utilize a lot of body movement in my flows to music, not that I would call myself a dancer or that I am particularly good at dancing. I think these are good questions. In the last few years I have been trying to use my wrap combos as transitions between flowers and less like the objective or main staple of a flow. It works really well to change up the rhythm of the performance and it make the transition from rap to flower or wrap to pendulum really dynamic. Also because I use handles, I have been working on a concept I call calligraphy for a long time that applies to both wraps and flowers. Calligraphy is varying the string length and speed of the poi to give the path of the poi different "line weights" . This works particularly well with handles because when you are doing mini-wraps you can come out the other side and have a whole new set of mini-wraps with a new color. Also as far performance, who do I perform for. I practice for myself, but I perform for a crowd. I don't pop ultras or burn by myself. I definitely find the act of spinning meditative, but when its performance time I have to pull out some tricks and live in that moment.