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  1. Not sure if people remember me. I went by the username djestone on the east coast. Used to chat with MadRaverRai, Jin, Cleric, Spazzman back in the day. I had a big nostalgia blast hit me and thought I'd go digging into the forums and see what I can find. I am seeing sooooo many familiar names and brought back so many great memories. I think there was a video of me up on youtube on the channel but it's been taken down. I can't find any of my old videos. Does anyone that come to these forums still have it? I would love to see them again! Dave are you still around? Any chance you have a copy of it? Also, thought I would share here. I practiced so much glowsticking in high school, my senior year I participated in a talent show for the Hispanic Youth Symposium and won! I got a $2,000 scholarship with my glowstringing skills (although I was a free hander). You can see my video from back then here, not sure if I ever posted. Hope I can reconnect with some old friends. I joined the FB Group too!