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  1. GSC is not dead

    Despite popular belief... and your definition of dead. CAN WE FIX IT NOW?
  2. I've always wondered

    what the hell was going on at 12:46 am on December 7th 2010?
  3. Am I too late?

    extremeglow.com Noob! What was your old SN?
  4. Hello hello!!!

    I get so excited whenever I see a post from you Wil. And its a bonus thrill to hear that you still dabble in stringing. Sounds like we were at some of the same fests. I really hope EDC comes back to Chicago sometime. I'm from Chicagoland too and I always wanted to have a session with you, but it never happened even though we live so close to each other. At least we use to. I'm not sure where you are at anymore but I live in Wheaton and work in Lisle so I'm still around. We should meetup sometime and have an old man sesh. I remember watching your videos back in 04-05. They had alot of influence and inspiration for me. If you are really looking for a camping festival to go to I would look no further than MOPS https://www.facebook.com/events/611021509028353/ It's not a music festival but instead a flow fest AND it's in California. BUUUUT This year is going to be ridiculous as far as how many stringers will be attending. People would freak if you were to go.
  5. Wow it's been a while

    some still pop in from time to timeDo you still string at all?
  6. What's up everybody? I said I would start another one, so here we go. Sorry for draggin' We shall see how this goes with this funky format that is GSC now. I think I'm remembering what killed the last game as I try to make this post read able A couple guidelines: 1) you must be able to perform all the previous steps in order to add a new one. 2) make the addition 2-3 steps long, use your best judgement...you know when it' too much...less is more in this game. 3) first come first serve when in comes to who goes next, no double posters.
  7. Tinychat

    There is no tinychat button at the top of this page or any other page for me anymore. Just says IPS Community
  8. Tinychat

    I dont even know how to get to tinychat.. link?
  9. I got it now. It's not a consistent thing yet, but I'll post something today/tomorrow. Unless Mike swoops back in....where'd you go Mike?! My bad, alot of things came up this weekend for me. I still need to think of something to add.
  10. @:22 & @:57 etc. Is that more of a slight change in planes???(wall-to-horizontal), or are you really tugging it back through the space made with the pin during a stall? It's kinda messing with me...
  11. Use that NEWNEW.. the link to part 3 is in the post right above your post. I decided to shorten shit down before it got crazy.
  12. TO ANYONE THAT HAS BEEN FOLLOWING THE GAME TO THIS POINT.....THERE HAS BEEN A CHANGE!! EXECUTIVE DECISION I'm going to be posting part #3 tonight. I love all the ideas Mike, but it got too long for the game to continue at a good pace for everyone. IMO Let's try to keep each part to a 2-4 step segment. In the past this is when the game is most fun. HERE IS THE UPDATE VERSION OF PART #3 part ends with one string wound in hand with the other pinned under same arm...GO!!!
  13. GSC is not dead

    I'm testing the waters right now. A new video has been posted on the site.
  14. How many days in a row can you post?

    How. Dare. You.
  15. MY APOLOGIES EVERYONE I've been having a crazy couple weeks. Haven't had my laptop to download and post in awhile. Was in the process of moving but then shit hit the fan and that got delayed. (long story involving floods and a crazy woman) I won't bore anyone here with that. This is probably better for chat or PM, but I am wondering...@suzume: We haven't talked in awhile. Is EDC Chicago still on your to-do-list? Because I won't be able to hold up on my original offer of staying with me. I'm not going to have my new place until a few weeks after EDC (involves long story mentioned above). If you're still wanting to come I would be more than willing to help find somewhere to stay on a budget. I could even help chip in a bit. I feel bad about not coming through on what I said I could do. OR...if you're not coming in May, no worries cuz I now have a reliable car and 16 days of vacation still left for the year. I'm gonna be going on some road trips and your neck of the woods is one of the top destinations. SO anyways here are the last two weeks of goodies from suzume: 04/12/13 04/20/13 From 8:42 to the end I was thoroughly confused...in that good way. .
  16. I wouldn't say I got them down....I understand what's going on now, but I haven't been able to replicate how you catch them so well. I do have a variation of flourishes that I've been doing. Not sure if it's in the plane you're talking about. I'm going to be doing some spinning here shortly & I'll try to remember to demonstrate. I'm going to focus more on all the tumbling ideas you've shown. Those seem to come more naturally and those can be thrown in to a combo very easily. It's a good transition move for me. BTW Those horizontal and upside tumbles you did a couple videos ago are still tripping me out. In this video...the very first part is crazy. I don't understand what's happening, even though I should. I loved the one handed contact poi/handle toss stuff before the meteor stringing. Crazy effect for the viewer if your watching the hands and not the sticks, or I'm just easily deceived. AND yes I've discovered that link catch stall, but I'm sure I picked it up from Brandon somewhere along the way. Most of my manip ideas start as sloppy recreations of what I've seen Demo or Brandon do in videos. Your influence has definitely crept in there lately though. It's weird because you say it's influenced from me, so it's like a full circle thing. Pretty cool.
  17. YOU BROKE MY BRAIN.....OWWWWW that 2nd video is pure gold. I wanna steal all of it. XP the first one is badass too, I just can't remember what just happened. symptom of da broken brain. 03/08/13 03/14/13
  18. I get the flourishes now. YAY ME!!
  19. I'm with suzume...that camera angle switch for the utl catch was tits. You clever, clever bastard you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I still can't get those damn flourishes. Too sick. You got that whole "sticks can't escape the gravity of my hand" effect going on. I think I need to make a set of longer strings for this one.
  20. There were 92 videos total; I released 60 of them (from the beginning to 07-05-12) Duuuuude, you got me tripping on this one(flourishes) How the.....what the.....??? I'm trying it now and not having quite the same success. NEW CONCEPT BLOG UPDATE!!!
  21. For the most part all the videos are already setup like that(comments disabled, link to thread in the description) but I'll have to go through and double check. I know some of them have timestamps already, but I'll check out the timestamp file you posted, once I get off work.