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  1. I enjoy martial arts. I also enjoy glowsticking and stringing. Has anyone ever tried to combine the two? The reason I ask is because I have a handcrafted bo staff from my old Shaolin Kempo class that I still train with to stay in shape, and I think it would be awesome to be able to attach glowsticks to my staff and dance with it. Are there any cultural "no-nos" against this?
  2. Hey guys and dolls, I'm new to the site, so I figured I'd make myself known..... here goes..... Name: Kyle or Raven (whichever is easier to remember) Age: 27 Gender: Guy Location: Raleigh, NC Interests: Electronic music, dancing, Poi, martial arts, bowstaff training, sword training Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: I'm gonna go old school here, and say either Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Charmed Musical Interest: Tiesto, Daft Punk, Amber, ATB, Darude, Robert Miles, Voodoo & Serano Goal in the next 5 years: Hopefully to be working for a major technology company as a IT Network Engineer Goal in the next 20 years: I honestly cannot fathom what my future looks like that far down the road..... What turns you on about the opposite sex: Compassion, intelligence, respect, talent, beauty in heart and mind If i had a million dollars I would: No clue whatsoever I am good at: I am kinda of a jack of all trades, I don't really excel at things more than others because I don't compare myself to anyone else. School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): I am on because: I am one of those crazy fools who believes that they should make glowsticking an individual sport. After all, it takes real skill to be able to move they way some of the veterans on here move..... My website/picutures are located: on Facebook Describe yourself: Way too much to describe here..... briefly, however, I am a man who is passionate about music What do you do for fun? I am a huge gamer as well as an audiophile, but I also enjoy keeping in shape Random fact about yourself: I am a Pagan What you did last weekend: Last weekend I was in the hospital What you do when you go out: It depends upon my mood Are you in a relationship? unfortunately not Are you looking to be in a relationship? hopefully, but for the long term..... I am incredibly loyal to those that I consider friends, and even more so for those I hold closer.