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  1. heiroglyph help

    hey i bought these and i'm having trouble trying to translate them using google.. i don't know heiroglyphs.. help please
  2. missegyptology

    HI! this is Green Fox - i was a SLSK junkie back in the day - i'm calling out to get into contact with miss egyptology - would love to discuss ancient egypt with you - as limited as that discussion may be also just a general catch up - i remember you getting into translating or w/e and i'd love to just see whats up with you in general <3 PLUR
  3. Green Fox

    thanks, i do remember nmestar =) on another site my name was blue bear so it was just kinda part of the idea of a colored animal i guess i really have no idea
  4. Green Fox

    hey, was musing around and remembered this old site - i went by Green Fox and was mostly around the SLSK chatroom its been about a decade ... just been doing my thing.. don't know what to say beyond that sorta stopped with the glowsticks and just started dancing... i reckon i'll lurk for a while see what videos come up what i can learn for my own amusements.. anyways HEY! how goes it