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  1. Sup Guys!

    Whats up everyone im new to the site and it looks pretty fuckin epic i love it im from san antonio been stringing for a good while here are some videos of me tell me what you think
  2. Sup Guys!

    yeah but oh well new vid!!!!
  3. Shredz

    Name Mark(shredz) Age 25 Location San Antonio Downtown Area
  4. Sup Guys!

    thanks man glad to be part of a community that doesn't have negativity unlike that tech glowsticking group on fb
  5. Hi, I'm the Owner of the Site.

    sup man names shredz (mark) nice site
  6. GSC is not dead

    ima bring it back to life lol jk not dead
  7. Name:Mark Sierra Age:25 Gender: Male Location: San Antonio Texas (downtown Area) Interests:Music popping breaking Street art Vocals I've done: ---> Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Juxtapose Musical Interest: Varied lol Goal in the next 5 years: Have my own design company Goal in the next 20 years: Making millions What turns you on about the opposite sex: If i had a million dollars I would: Buy my mother a new house I am good at: Stringing&Vocals School (if applicable):UTSA Social Media Engineering Work (if applicable):Viacom I am on because:I love to string My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: Chill beyond belief What do you do for fun? Play pool Random fact about yourself: Im 6 foot 5 What you did last weekend: Turn up What yo do when you go out: Turn way the fuck up Are you in a relationship? Yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? Got me a woman Here are some vids of me
  8. Name Mark Anthony Sierra Nick name Shredz Age 25 Interest: Music vocals ive done: Poi glow / fire: VIDEOS--> Street art Popping Breaking Facebook: its a short intro i know but i dont feel like going the 9
  9. Sup Guys!

    started back in 04 but left it alone for popping n bereaking so i decided to jump back in
  10. Completely New

    sup everyone