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  1. In trying to teach a younger generation of ravers about PLUR I ran into a problem mister Frankie Bones. I named my party the storm rave rebirth of PLUR in doing so he took it to offense that I tried to honor him and his legacy. My sole Intensions were to educate the kids who use the word where it came from and who and where raves came from. When I found out I offended him I quickly offered a apology and asked him to play at the party paying for airfare hotel and 30% of the profits. He declined. I give 10% of my money to a sober living foundation here in Ft.Myers. But now he has tried to black ball my party. Going on Facebook bashing me and all the old school ravers doing the same bringing in negative on something that was supposed to be positive. I need help trying to find out how to do so turn this around. Are there any old schoolers that would support this or new schoolers willing to help. Please help me.. https://www.facebook.com/events/505699596169432/