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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    So, people are still here. I finally made an account, and now I'm stuck with this "is the forum dead?" question in my head lol.
  2. Name: Hunter Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: Texas Interests: Video games, math in general, and (of course) all kinds of EDM and glowsticks. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Anything by Neil Gaiman Musical Interest: I used to think dubstep was the shit (I still love it, actually), but I'm moving more towards drum 'n' bass and drumstep now. Goal in the next 5 years: Well, I'm joining the navy, so I want to do well there. But I love this music, and I love glowstringing and freehand (even if I am not any good, yet). Goal in the next 20 years: I just want to live happily, find peace with myself, enjoy my life. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Intelligence. I like a girl who can keep up with me in conversation/ doesn't find me boring because they don't understand what I'm talking about. If i had a million dollars I would: Save most of it. I prefer to live at a level that is comfortable, but not extravagant. I'm a single guy. I could live happily in an efficiency, or a place with one bedroom. I don't need a mansion. That million dollars would last me forever, and keep me supplied infinitely with glowsticks, and I'd still have some left over to give my kids (if I ever have any). I am good at: Math and taking tests. Meditation (and producing states of mind for myself). I have fairly decent coordination. Work (if applicable): Right now I work in a restaurant, but I've worked for a boat repair place, and a summer camp for the mentally and/or physically disabled. I really love the restaurant, and I loved the camp. Engine work is just a little too dirty and dangerous, and it doesn't pay enough. I am on because: Honestly, I'm here because I want someone to share my experiences with as I get better at glowsticking. I'm really new. I could use some support, some friends who understand why I love this so much. My friends think it's cool, but they have no real interest. They like the music, but they aren't moved by it like I am. I'm here to find people who see electronic music as I do and to make some friends. Describe yourself: 6 feet tall, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fairly pale skin. My hair is medium length, and in a few months, it will be all but gone, unfortunately (can't have long hair as a guy in the navy :/). What do you do for fun?: I play video games and listen to music. I also love to read, though I'm short on books, and I'm quite simply not awake when the library is open. I also practice glowstringing, though I'm a little slow in my progress, simply because I don't know where to go next with it. Random fact about yourself: I am wiccan, and love nature (though I'm not into ceremonial magic. Just isn't my thing). What you did last weekend: Eh, nothing exciting. Most of my friends from highschool have gone off to college, while I couldn't quite afford to go (good grades don't always get you into college. Shit's expensive, it turns out.). So, I just relaxed, played on my computer, and played with my glowsticks. What yo do when you go out: I love to eat good food. Sushi, in particular. I used to love going to a place called gogo gumbo! (yup, that spelling is correct, with the exclamation point and lack of capitalization), but now I work there and eat there every day Are you in a relationship?: Nope. Are you looking to be in a relationship?: I wish I could. But I don't know that anyone wants to date the guy about to leave for the navy. And I'm not going to marry anyone between now and then for them to get military housing and stay with me. Maybe one day, but now just isn't the time. So, yeah. That's me. It took me a while to finally sign up for the forums (I mistakenly thought that they were dead, and finally actually poked around to see people actively posting), but now I'm here. I look forward to speaking with you all.