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  1. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Raises hand NYC Area still goin at it only been glowsticking for a few months still getting the basics and what not but its fun and looking for others in my area aswell
  2. Getting more of a feel for glow sticking my flow lights are a little heavy on the side for the style i have let me know what you guys think this is my update practice 6.8.2013 Hey guys check it out after 3 hours of waiting i developed an 8 minuet video of practice with glowstringing ♥ i think im getting better slowly check it out let me know what you think
  3. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    what happened to this??? is this still gonna happen or is it at a stand still ???

    manage to have my first chill session with Syphon and xodiac turned out to be a success
  5. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    im here and getting better every minuet of stringing. whasagoin on
  6. Random Practice

    hey every one thought id like to share this with you guys i have made anything with sticks in a while so here ya go this time there lit
  7. BroGLOW #winning

    I think i was to caught up in the track and the speed of it lol i did manage to get some type of footage though xD all though i do film better when im at home hopefully the naxt Rave i go to will be a little better.
  8. Super Spring Break Meetup 2013 TBA!

    im totally down to go and jam with you guys i still need alot of work on a few things lol but still down to go and chill what not please keep me posted if anything
  9. Hello all im fairly new to and wanted to know if there are any NYC meet ups happening any time soon i really wanna attend one of these it would be awesome that way i could learn faster from the pro's and meet some awesome people if any pops up please let me know what's up private message me or comment on the thread here it would be awesome if something could be done BroGLOW
  10. SMC2! ! !

    im down when's the deadline plus ive only been sticking for a while i need to buy glowsticks let see what i can come up with maybe some random concepts lol
  11. BroGlow : Wraps Practice This video is on my Gloving account because i uploaded it from my ipod touch but enjoy some advanced wraps and some string manipulation lol im such a newbie.
  12. BroGlow's Dragon's den

    LOL thanks ill try to clean that stuff up as mentioned and yea after i gotten down wraps its pretty much all i did xD and i will deffinently work on my anti flowers ive been working on it after i gotten it the first time as for the sig i shall put that into consideration ive been spinning for about a couple of months a couple meaning like 1 or 2 months xD and yea wraps arent as hard with poi if you can pull them off with glowstick
  13. Hello GSC

    LOL thanks and yes i am from NYC i have been dieing to go to a meet up and experience it for myself
  14. New Glowstringing Video

    not a bad job at that try doing more varriations say when you do 3 beat weave stall it and try learning flowers that might help other than that great job :]
  15. BroGlow's Dragon's den

    just some new stuff check it out please let me know i need to get glowsticks lol Poi balls make to much noise lmao