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  1. which is best glowsticks or the LED glowsticks?

    hmmmmmm making my own. i dont know to much about circut boards and stuff but ill try never really thought about making my own. do u just use like a dead chemical glowstick or something? nvm ill look around thax for your help bro
  2. which is best glowsticks or the LED glowsticks?

    i like the list of pros and cons. thank you.were do u get your LED sticks
  3. Ive been needing help deciding on picking glowsticks or LED but they both have there pros and cons people talk about the weight and stuff and that you cant do some moves so i kinda need help on this and tell me where you get whatever product you use THANK YOU!
  4. i wont need any tutorals after this for awhile youve been helpful
  5. that makes since i thought it wouldve been like ravers just swinging sticks like it evolded from freehanding
  6. nice tutorals extremely helpful i have some praticing to do and yes i can do the tread and needle
  7. and all the btb wraps you know
  8. ok because i dont wanna load you down or anything. oh btw does OTH butterflys work the same way? i need a tutoral on a butterfly weave i have no idea what that is. or you could tell me if its an easy move
  9. that move is kinda easy i wonder why no one else had a tutoral for it on youtube. alright thanks bro if i need more tutorals can i go to you?
  10. isnt that the superman? and yes i can do crossers
  11. Ive been glowstring for awhile and idk how it started or the history or anything lol can someone tell me