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    Video Games, Friends, Reading, Piano, Drawing, Music, Glowsticking, Repairing Electronics, Building guns with Legos.

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  1. Name: Lemamori or Lem for short. Age:17 Gender: male Location: About 30 min south of Montgomery, Alabama Interests: Music, Piano, Reading, Poi, Video Games, Friends, Having Fun. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Pendragon: Journey Through Time and Space/Any gamer magazine will do/Attack of the show Musical Interest: I am very open minded to music. Goal in the next 5 years: Going to school for graphic design Goal in the next 20 years: Make video games What turns you on about the opposite sex: A good personality is the most important. If i had a million dollars I would: I would give parts of it to people i know in the glowsticking community I am good at: Anything if I set my mind a body towards it . School (if applicable): Still in High School Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: I want to learn the culture of glowsticking while learning the art. My website/picutures are located: don't have any yet Describe yourself:I am a very open minded person easy to get along with and a good friend if you treat me right. What do you do for fun? Poi and video games now. Random fact about yourself: I'm part puerto rican What you did last weekend:Moped around the house. What yo do when you go out: There is nothing to do in this town, so i don't..... Are you in a relationship? Yep Are you looking to be in a relationship? I am happy and tranquil where I am