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  1. EDC Chicago 2013

    me and wayne will probably be there. are you guys going all 3 days? i think wayne is planning on going to vegas edc too, but i don't know how far he got with that plan.
  2. where do you buy ultras?

    are you from the chicago area? If you do end up at edc chicago I might see you there. =) so what's the best high intensity sticks people use now a days? what's the brightest? damn, can't believe there's no more of the old school orange.... sad...
  3. Hi guys where do you buy ultras now a days? Any one going to chicago edc?
  4. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    I remember the incident, but i don't remember your name linked in there. Its been so long anyway so i am guessing that's a good thing
  5. hello stranger! remember me?

  6. hello stranger! remember me?

  7. Anyone going to Nocturnal Trip this Friday? Or know where the location will be? me and Wayne will probably go....
  8. Tapatalk

    Well i for one am glad that had finally died....
  9. Tapatalk

    It's really quiet here now a days, eh?
  10. Chicago / suburb check

    Hey guys, it's been a super long time since i checked in. Any one still around from Chicago area our the suburbs?
  11. Tapatalk

    The one and only
  12. Tapatalk

    Whoa its a ghost! A Wes ghost!! Hi guys, long time no chat. As life get busier and busier, i find myself having less and less time to sit in front of a computer... Although the mobile version of this forum is not bad, does anyone know how hard it would be to get GSC on Tapatalk? I know it will simplify my browsing of the forum from my phone a bit, and who knows, i might be able to check in more often...
  13. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    Ok so trying to become somewhat active here proves to be quite challenging. how was EDC wil? I am still in the Naperville/aurora area. But as life takes over, pretty hard to find free time anymore. Still thinks about glowsticking and this website though. anyways, just felt like popping in to say hi Bukklee i remember your username from when i was more active here
  14. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    wow that was mean. =\
  15. hi guys, i haven't logged on to GSC in such a long time now, just wanted to see who else is still around... =)