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  1. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    I remember the incident, but i don't remember your name linked in there. Its been so long anyway so i am guessing that's a good thing
  2. hello stranger! remember me?

  3. hello stranger! remember me?

  4. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    Ok so trying to become somewhat active here proves to be quite challenging. how was EDC wil? I am still in the Naperville/aurora area. But as life takes over, pretty hard to find free time anymore. Still thinks about glowsticking and this website though. anyways, just felt like popping in to say hi Bukklee i remember your username from when i was more active here
  5. What's Up Chicago (and suburbs)?

    wow that was mean. =\
  6. hi guys, i haven't logged on to GSC in such a long time now, just wanted to see who else is still around... =)
  7. *love muffins!!* great ad Wes!

  8. Hey, do you think you can change my display name from 'stevehouse' to 'stevehous'? I accidentally added the 'e' in it...

  9. how you doin wes, been along time. Well i hope you doin ok and life treating you right ttyl


  10. hold up hold up hold up!! i dont think it's the same wayne as THE wayne. kael please stop making stupid assumptions. THE wayne, the one in chicago compilation, have been busy and the last time even went out partying was to Armin Van Burren at Congress Theater. i am sure he wouldn't be happy to hear people assuming that he supports this type of behavior. as far as the competition at Energy, i heard and know about them but i am fully against it. maybe it went well this time and YOU were okay at being labeled as 3rd. but how do you gurantee that whoever didn't win 1st place next time will be as humble as you? Is it worth it to risk losing the meaning of our dance just for a little personal fun? i think that's selfish as hell. also i am sure you guys learned from the pioneers on glowsticking.com too. and now you are taking what you learned and using them for your personal gain (ie. entering the competition, gaining props and prizes)... that's selfish as hell too. EDIT: this wayne they are referring to might be the wayne from Aurora, which i hung out with once. i know him and ryan (milla2159 or sometimes known as "sticks") used to hang out too. he seemed like a nice guy, but now that i know he's part of this a-town crap i pretty much lost all respect for him.
  11. you can check out our midwest regional section to find people near you. i saw that you already posted a new thread asking for people in Michigan and that's a very good start. if you navigate to the second page of that section, or try using the search function.. you can find others in Michigan. here's a thread i pulled from page 2: http://www.glowsticking.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=6675 try posting there or PM some of them. you can look at their profile and see when they were seen last active, that way you can pick out the people that are the most likely to see your message. =) also depends how old you are and how independent you are, you can also consider traveling further to meet up with fellow glowsticking.com members. you can consider some chicago events and keep an eye on those. me and some people will probably be at the Sasha & Digweed event at the House of Blues in chicago coming April. I will post about it once the plans are more solidified. some people like me also takes a trip once a year traveling to california for big events and meetups like EDC.
  12. just make sure it doesn't happen again. =) and help pass the knowledge.
  13. hindsight is always 20/20. it's really hard to see the whole bigger picture when you are right there in the moment. the "great feedback" you have received is exactly what the articles (and all the veterans' collective experience) is talking about. i am sure you are not the only one that had sense this. quite a few of the audience probably either consciously or subconsciously thought that the popularity or fame you guys received were awesome and would like to duplicate this themselves. the problem is that all they saw was the form and they did not receive any cultural, philosophical, or background information that goes along with the dance. that's how an art form like this will get diluted. please make sure you read through the article if you havn't yet. http://www.glowsticking.com/nu/index.php?i...=95&catid=4 i hope this helped you understand the importance of not spreading glowsticking in high school more. thank you for your patience. =)
  14. Dude when are we going to Taco Bell agfain? Til EDC?