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  1. EDC Vegas 2013 Hotel MegaAwesomeThread

    I'll be staying at the New York New York all three nights.
  2. Spring Awakening 2013

    Do you also know what the cell service will be like? I just wanted to prepare because EDC didn't have that great of cell service.
  3. I'm going to try to make Denver's date as well.
  4. Spring Awakening 2013

    Sounds good man. You are more likely to get ahold of me on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/fmyaj
  5. Spring Awakening 2013

    Yeah just making sure about the whole glowstick thing because EDC - Vegas and POPNYE in San Francisco were fine that you brought you own glowsticks, but EDC - Colorado I had to throw away about ten high intensity sticks going through security so I guess it really depends on the actually security person. I know last year EDC - Vegas didn't allow LED lights, but I brought my flowlights anyways and was able to bring them in the first night. The second night they had me throw them away to allow me to enter the venue. It was a real bummer. I will be going to all three nights for Spring Awakening and will also be back to EDC - Vegas this year. So maybe we can meet up at both shows. I also figured that staying downtown that there will be a ton of good places to eat, but my be a little pricey. Thanks for you input about Lou Malnati's, I know my friend wanted to try out the deep dish pizza, so that works out. You helped a bunch. Thanks.
  6. Spring Awakening 2013

    What are the rules on bringing in glowsticks or flowlights? Can you bring in a small bag, like a pull string bag? Is security strict or relaxed? Will you be going this year? It would be nice to meet the local glowstickers. I'm also staying at a hotel nearby the venue and was wondering what are some good places to eat/visit?
  7. Spring Awakening 2013

    Hi guys, I'm flying out to Spring Awakening this year and was hoping to meet up some of the Midwest stringers. I'm coming from Denver and never been to Chicago before. I also have a few questions about the venue/city/etc.