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  1. How many days in a row can you post?

    Whoa The site is white now!
  2. Chat Thread

    Is there one in this forum? Like a thread where you can pretty much talk about anything and everything. Usually a thread like that is nearly always talked in. Not one day you'll see it last posted in the day before.
  3. I skipped out on a lot of what people and typed. So basically tl;dr on what this thread says over all, how ever, i will commend to these rules. I don't exactly understand the culture, history, and reason all too fully yet, but i'll try to explain what i think. Trying to spread such a beautiful art form to the world just to make it a populous subculture isn't the way to go. If it is done that way, it will kill actual enjoyment of this type of dance. Sort of the reason why jerking died so fast, and cwalking will soon be also. People will forget this is a way to show off feelings, and the passion of seeing angelic geometry shapes flying around, or getting those emotions a child would feel watching disney. Hard to explain. If it were taken as the publics naive, idiotic ways, it would turn into a exercise scam you see in those cheap infomation, a swagfags/guido/mi dang means of competition through rage and skill. If we keep this art in a manner more of, hang out with friends, street performance, held clubs, or anything conventional to this, it can still revive to become as well known as breakdancing. I'm pretty hesitant for posting this, mostly because i don't know if this is how it's really understood, so correct me instead. I liked glowstringing mostly because how carefree it looked and how whimsical it can get. I don't want that to turn the wrong way. I'm still new here. But is it really okay to revive threads even though this is sticky'd?