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  1. Name:Johnathon Campbell (Flash) Age:20 will be 21 on 9/11 =P Gender:M Location:Plant City/Tampa Fl Interests:Art/Glowstringing Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show:anything by Hunter S. Thompson Musical Interest:All music but a lot of EDM Goal in the next 5 years:Still be alive Goal in the next 20 years:Family wife kids the works What turns you on about the opposite sex: I guess Boobs? I feel that's a valid answer If i had a million dollars I would:buy you a fur coat but not a real fur coat that cruel I am good at:Talking to people School (if applicable):Graduated Work (if applicable): Spencers sales supervisor/USPS (mail man) I am on glowsticking.com because:I love the art and the feel of it My website/picutures are located:on facebook lol ask for details Describe yourself:5'5 dark hair white and green eyes What do you do for fun? Glowstring,Rave, and chill with my buddies Random fact about yourself: Good artist,Registered Jedi Knight lol What you did last weekend:Ybor city went clubbin What yo do when you go out:dance ranve (glowstring) Are you in a relationship?that is not your concern Are you looking to be in a relationship? Nor is this ;P
  2. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Dang! 10 years! I wanna see a video of that lol Pick em back up! Its never to late to get back to your roots I glowstring at work granted I work a spencers lol
  3. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Melvenorc! Dude I just wanna throw out a lil thank you man you and guinto were the people who got me into wanting to seriously put some time into stringing! my best friend has been stringing for 2 year and I'm almost at my 1 year! But back on topic lol! I think the fact that we only have a few posters out of so many members is because everyone started making it into a dick waving contest and forgetting that people stick or string because its an outlet and a passion for some. But to be honest idk what we can do any ideas how to get the community back? Cause I wanna be able to wake up and see new videos new ideas new styles mostly what I see lately is guys will spend buko money on a poi set and use it for a week or once for a con and forget all about it after not that I hate poi (I love all forms of the art _nic woosley ftw_) but I just want the simple go to the dollar store get some sticks and maybe a pack of kiwi shoe strings ;D and get down to some trance/dubstep whichever you please and have fun... maybe I'm just hoping for to much but it would be nice plus stringing with your feet sounds awesome icy
  4. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Flash is hero have no fear =P we deff need to get some more activity in florida!!!
  5. Florida Contact Thread!

    New to the site! Finally broke down and wanted to meet more stringers and freehanders I frequent Ybor City often so if anyone is still a cluber let me know and we will exchange contact and meet up btw!! Glowsticking Comp september 15th at the social in ybor =P I'm gonna be there! Flash out!