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  1. So, my sister brought this to my attention the other day. "If the pen is mightier than the sword, then why do actions speak louder than words?" -The pen creates written words which takes an action of writing. The sword has a double edged meaning to it. The actions used by the sword remarkably, are known too often to result in death. Where as the actions taken by the pen can create... far more versatile options. Write a book, a journal, a play, a law, a cute note, a letter to home, the child learning how to spell and becoming educated, checking off on a bucket list, etc. The sword however...defends our rights to use the pen, but in the same aspect.. Words can cut just as bad, and has resulted in death on numerous occasions.. is the hypothesis so far. Take for somewhat of an example, a peace treaty at the end of an ugly war. Pretty much all the fighting was done for nothing, when diffrences are pretty much settled with conversation? Ending up in a written document. A kid getting bullied in school or even adults. who wont stand up for themselves, they could have written a speech/letter whatever, for their tormenters and with mere conversation, if strong enough, could change that persons outlook..? and some shit about saying anything and everything you want. Pretty much being hypocritical. When your actions will show your true colors. My homeboy and i have been round and round on this. i keep thinking about this pretty hard. and was wondering if i would get input from you guys.. what your thoughts on this would be?
  2. How many days in a row can you post?

    11:24 11:23 11:2011:1121:22 11:1911:1811:12 11:13 11:14 11:15 11:16 11:17
  3. Post Whore Family V2

    P♡ST poke poke
  4. waffle facts!

    ah, Whatd one waffle batter say to the other?
  5. stalls. baggy pants, pre-cision. X♡X♡
  6. -There is a B I G difference, between using drugs, and being a drug addict- `everybodygets highh sometimes you knoww, what else can we do when we're feeliing loww. So take a deep breathh and let it floww noww. " i can enjoy glowsticks either way. but it does add quite the effX. so. worth. it. WhY DoES iT feel S♡ Good. So G♡♡D TOo BE Bad. i would very much like a music note emoti boy, oh boy oh boy. oh boy. be smart, Dont Ever, go full e tard. zzzz
  7. those light saber dancers, would be similar. Fire staff is a staff.
  8. Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

    i appreciate, Energy. soda, pibb omg. clear soda is "better" but damn its soo good.
  9. Post Whore Family V2

    HAU5 !? *knox opens door, HALL♡♡,
  10. THiS iS WHYY

    GLOWSTICKINGDOTCOM Muchoo, respecto. Ultra Circles << Imagiine's Aquatic Wonderland. GSC TOTEM. Yes. ♫♪𓲠ð“¬ð“ªð“·ð“½ ð“¯ð“®ð“®ð“µ ð“¶ð”‚ ð“¯ð“ªð“¬ð“® ð”€ð“±ð“®ð“· ð“²ð“¶ ð”€ð“²ð“½ð“± ð”‚ð“¸ð“¾ ♪♫♪ but ii Lâ£VE it, GLOWW SO BEAUTIFUL. its ahmayziiing. Life is, :: 3
  11. THiS iS WHYY

    : 0 AWW ♡ ♡ ♡ ... toteemmm D :: fell apart, because im lerrniing. festivals are alot and completely rewarding but id rather vip, squahd. diirrty ratchet trap fest. people got huuuurt. stolen from and panda panda panda. BAD PANDA. I understand the risk is run, but WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING THEM !? The idea, the venue for imagine has such potential. Really it was amazing, woulda been better without the headliners. BUY DILLON FRANCIS. LOLOLOZ TRAWLZ? DOOMSDAY really ahh. fuuuuuuhk. Really it melted my reality a bit. With an Aquatic wonderland having an Incindia stage WITH BURNING PROPANE ABOVE YOU and hot mist. It was. whooo it was. Real, Fun. whooo. Grammatik was mezmerizing at best all way out in right field, in the cool breeze, passed the girl who got mowed tf down by somebody driving a something, whyy is it soo hard, to pray outloud? them sparkaly colored boys and the man had this poi that looked like the north star. JD. POPpET Wherevereth thou travels now waving around dank rainbows ☆.☆ i can go on and on. All the videos i didnt take because im selfishh. and unprepared. How beautiful, every breath.. Every tap kick and wobble transitional track and step, in tune. i want to show you the colors in my... kandi, that i flipped. and the ghetto goldfish i met swimming around in the pool :: 3 so fkn cool, how it works out. and ill just share this here with you, because you understand. How Graand. This Lliiffee, fam.
  12. Wow it has been a fucking while....

    thiiis siiiite ♡.♡
  13. missegyptology

  14. heiroglyph help

    at 12:12 i was called here. WHYY. H♡♡MANS. WHYY. . . Heiroglyphs. Shure. :: D yeah, i dont. know, Ancient Egyptian. but wouldn't that be fascinating.
  15. Sunset music festival? Imagine?

    just iimagiiine.
  16. practice. makes perfect, in any aspects. videos.. I never think to record. derp.
  17. GSC is not dead

  18. Jolly Raver T-Shirt Design

  19. How many days in a row can you post?