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  1. Completely New

    Whatsup, whatsup!? = ]
  2. GSC is not dead

    This is true, keep at is Jaimison! :3 Zin is everywheeree. Campaigns ? lol.
  3. Hii ya ! Piano is beautiful. You'll do it :: ) Welcome to GSC, bringing light to the darkness since 'forever now ?? '06 Lol. Got Clips? Instagram, #StickingSaturday ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ♡
  4. Anyone heard of this place??

    Is it possibruu ¿¡ I use DJS5, also for my android. LoopyFruit generated FX, Maybe I'll record someday. But I'm tellin you, right now it's fckn messy. FAcebook deleted me. screwfacebook ! Who has anythiing.. New ? ♡
  5. Digitally Imported.FM

    I listen. What's it called? I need music download programs. I usually just use Pandora. WHYY ADS PANDORA ! >.> Glitch Hop, Electro house, dnb, Chillstep, big room ♡ Klaypexx ♡ Nightcore is fun, because its already the songs I love just faster. Hardstyle I like, but if I listen for too long it hurts my brain. Gabber is INsane. Russian club music is awesome. Sat next to a Russian kid Dubrovnik? On a bus one time who had some sweeeet mixs on An IPAD thing.. Trap is hostiIle lol. So can some real dirty beats. They get your adrenaline going in a not so feely way. Trance and Techno. Melbourne Bounce. Are so fun, like Happy hardcore. Just fun xD ♡ There really is somthing for everybody. All genres. I'll listen to anything. And i love live, on the spot creations. Whether good or bad. :: )
  6. Chat Thread

    ANYBODY WAN COME PLAY !? Instagram str8 Flexn ! #StickingSaturday GeeEssCee xD @messymo_sfx
  7. Wow it's been a while

    giir. W i l, have seen your name. I hope you still string ! It is the mad raver. ♡.☆ I just saw some badass footage of you bRoo. A christmas special or somthin. So legen.. wait for it.. Dary! What about the beast coast though. Whereabouts is this? easier to get up the east coast, than the west.. And here is a pressing question.. Which of yous Oldschoolers Is going to a festy ? Or wait, scratchh that. Awookiewookie. What was your faaves. Sorry if talk to much* I'm just still in love.
  8. Wow it's been a while

    East Coast Beast Coast lol. North East?
  9. Brand new raver in the scene

    ♡♡♡ That's all you gotta do baby cakes, have Fun!#GoodVibeTribe A bad feel is a bad feel. You'll know em' KandiI Kandii ♡ Wanna make a trade? I like to listen to GlitchHop and Electro house, whilst creating :: ) Been raving for 3years. Daily. There is somthing new to learn everyday ! Welcome to GeeEssCee. ♡ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Whoops. Am Mohip, Hi Rin !
  10. Hello hello!!!

    Powaahh ! Hulk Up. O HEY :: )
  11. Chat Thread

    I juss' keep getn derailed. xD
  12. Hello hello!!!

    Awesome, nostalgia :3 ♡ Post themm
  13. my Facebook deleted me. howTF! shows how much control you really had over your own page. lol. So I'll be around alot more ! xD #PLUR ♡

  15. it seems everyone has moved on

    LIKE Hello LEDmonkey. I'm new but, ♡to you!It is very quiet in here, I love reading about everyone, seeing your videos and the influences this culture, this site. Has had on people's lives. Seeing the oldschoolers come through and leave their appreciations. The friends that are made states away, and i hope that one day I can leave a post as inspirational to the next gen as you all have been for me. Where the festivals have just become another money trap, there are those of us that still want the close knit friendships and homeproduced feels of like minded souls. And We will make sure GSC still glows!! ♡ Rorok ♡ Lockshot ♡ JarredHimself ♡ Bukkle ♡ Noqturnal ♡ Aqua ♡ Photon ♡ Demo ♡ Suzume ♡ and others ♡ more to come Maybe one day I will have the honor of meeting with you. : 3
  16. Completely New

    Buump {I was} Near Chicago. Foreally. Hello!? Can you read me ? Houston. Come In.
  17. I've always wondered

    War Of World's? Sometimes I feel like Bozo. 'Cause silly shit, is good shit ! Always thougby it was a story. Was there literally A guy, who went by the name Bozo and just boomed. 'Cause that was before said interwebs. ?
  18. Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

    I appreciate the interwebs, and all it's madness. Distracting us from the madness which we should be paying attention to. The intetwebs that is bringing us one strep closer to [[interplanetary¿]] unity! Or is this bad? dun dun duuuh But, mostly I'm thankful I woke up this morning. I appreciate cool crisp mornings like this that start the new day with a smile an Upbeat tune. Sending good vibes out, to you ! -MoHip {edit} Appreciate Love.
  19. First post of 2015

    Glowsticking Dot Com TwentyFifteen !! Lololol ♡