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  1. GSC V2016 - Looking for Help and Ideas

    I dont know where you find this tiny chat that I keep hearing about.. Im working on IGs #stickingsaturdays. @messymo_sfx. So are a few other people who have some gnarly clips. especially that one guy.. xP I DO NOT HAVE A FACEBOOK. ANYMORE. NEVER AGAIN. I keep getting deleted and losing awesome photos. Is there G+ page? I also frequent a Disqus.com I could probably get a sticking forum dedicated, with links to GSC. IS Definitely a database of wonderful information and ideals. I think it should stay that way. Also comfortable for anyone here to learn,*I agree with you Jamison. No one should be singled out or ridiculed because of an idea. It seems battlers are still a big area of concern.. Battlers should be approached and spoken to with caution. Battling normally comes with a high level of tension because of high concentration. I personally don't think glowstickers/glovers should compete with one another, because its not about whos better, just unique expression, who does what with a sound. Though a lot of people find it a great way to learn and expand, and meet new people. Everyone will never agree with everyone. As we all expel and draw in different vibes. what should be done though is find a mutual understanding and leave it at that if things start getting hostile. No reason to fight about ideas, just explain them. Take in others and move on. ALTHOUGH i do prefer people who have beef to express themselves with energy fueled dance, or light painting, than express themselves with rage and physical altercations... uhm... i strayed. Hashtags, are probably the best bet. What tags for GSC do you use most? I use #GSC #GeeEssCee and #glowstickingdotcom #rave and #PLUR Those could probably help on FB as well,
  2. so how's life?

    lol, school yick. xD There is the internet now. jk I had a new baby, he turned a whole month old on thanksgiving. My older son is almost 7 ^.^ Working hard as i can to be a better woman.Trying to get a kandi trading outpost moving about LightSeekersKandiBooth, Hopefully be moving back into our own place jan 1st. Still glowsticking sporadically. Glad to see ya'll guise are still sticking around. xoxo
  3. Not much has changed eh?

  4. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    We Outchea.. This is my youtube channel.. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafrQhOcnXRz6xqqE6dqxwg/videos Finally have some stuff. Also have some clips on my instagram @messymo_sfx Follow i follows back Plur <3

  6. GSC Chat lives again!

    Howw ¡¿
  7. LIKE That long!? Of course, like painting. I call it light painting. Even with these other genres : 3 There are just so many forms of art, and many many things you can do with music. So many things to learn. That floww, feels ♡ It'd be great to see new videos from you ! Welcome back! :: D
  8. Ph0toN's Weirdness Thread

    Rofl YEUS
  9. holy shit

    Good good !! Welcome back! ; )
  10. How many days in a row can you post?

    I succmbed to social media pressures. And created a new book. Messed me attendance up!
  11. GSC Chat lives again!

    Is there a way to access from mobile?
  12. Wow it's been a while

  13. Wow it's been a while

  14. Ooo,Wineries. Let's be fancy huh? So maany oppritunities. GSC has its own Venue?
  15. Hello hello!!!

    OHAAI ! It's the Baws. Wooooooooooooo ♡.☆ Wushu,there are issues with them links ¿¿
  16. How many days in a row can you post?

    Ain't that a pip : D
  17. Sup Guys!

    Good shots, maan. Ya do some great videos. Whats a good while? How u wrap the POI like that O.o Nice strings bro, nice strings. Welcome ! :: )