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  1. Sunset music festival? Imagine?

  2. Florida Contact Thread!

    I think we should set up a meet :: 3
  3. FL♡RIDAA :: D am from the NE,hbu?? New friends are always cool. especially those of the glows ticking variety. trololol
  4. How many days in a row can you post?

    HA1 how u did that, o.o
  5. waffle facts!

  6. >.< ORBITAAL. Great tutorial, and i get it. JUST CANT GET IT TO SPIIIIIN. xF BTB too, is of course a pain.
  7. awesome, Thanks for those! :: D THink like Nike.
  8. Buuump <3 Dont ever give up!
  9. How many days in a row can you post?

    hell yeah. x'D
  10. Completely New

  11. Am I too late?

    I was thinking this morning as always, now jamming to this yt video.The rave will never die, 'cause art, kindness, and love will never die.20 years from now, when some of us have grown up and had families. The old has been replaced with the new,My kids, Will be here. Loving life, and his fellow man.'cause I taught them to.'cause You taught us to.'cause thats what living is all about,That's why rave. : 3gsc wont die,'cause rave.No such thing as death.Isn't that a perfect circle.ya digg?^.^ WONT EVEN TAKE MY HTML >.< RAVE* Not Rage. kai.
  12. Are We Elitist?

    THink smart, Be safe && HAVE FUN! About this layout though, I think its broken..
  13. Appriciate Something?, what do you appriciate today?

    THis Sandbox is love. Ihogsthebox. :3
  14. How many days in a row can you post?

    DAYUM DEMOO Commitment! lol,
  15. Jolly Raver T-Shirt Design

    naht, maybe a cut like #17s Tanks, xF
  16. Am I too late?

    its never too late.
  17. Rebirth of PLUR

    coo man, true that. individual creativity. kind intentions, is what makes it so beautyful. :: 3
  18. Right here bro, right here.
  19. Local Parties

    NYC! Cool man, Im going to Atlanta GA, August. THats the south.xD Although, i could see how this place would be awesome for getn the word out about real raves ;; ) My husband and I used to throw some killer parties, but.. Ill save that story. Speaking of parties.. I want to make a GSC jelly fish totem to rock at Imagiine, Is that appropriate?? Can I do that?? Do i need permission?? I still want t-shirts toooo. but $$$, i loathe $$$ deeply, Though I will buy THE SHIRT. because this Osho. http://glowsticking.com/articles-and-tutorials/culture/72-rave-culture/281-ravers-manifesto.html From 2008 http://glowsticking.com/articles-and-tutorials/general/79-misc/135-club-swinging-father-of-modern-poi-and-glowstringing.html, just how old is the site? not to mention the Art itself.. Everybody here knows/knew each other in person. That, is magical. GSC <3
  20. ive done thaat, lots of dreams, my old mn'll vouch for me, I sat straight up and was cuttn som clean traces and figure 8's loool. ;; ) im 23 though, does that count, hes 25.