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  1. hmm any glovers around here?

  2. welcome to the family!

  3. Name: Sean Age: 18 Gender: M Location: SoCal Interests: Food, Bball, Music, gloving Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Angels & Demons Musical Interest: trance Goal in the next 5 years: finish college and ROTC Goal in the next 20 years: who knows What turns you on about the opposite sex: lol uhh hair If i had a million dollars I would: invest I am good at: guitar, sports, eating lol School (if applicable): high school Work (if applicable): ARMY I am on because: I want to learn more about the rave community/culture My website/picutures are located: ask me Describe yourself: korean. 18. future soldier. glover What do you do for fun? glove, sports, games, go out Random fact about yourself: I bite my nails What you did last weekend: stuck at home sick.. (still sick) What yo do when you go out: eat out with friends and maybe catch a movie Are you in a relationship? yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? no Kewl survey guyZ. Haha anyway hey my name is Sean and a noob to raving but want to learn. I glove but don't go all hardcore serious. Just do it for fun as a hobby and Im pretty laid back for the most part. Yeahhhh hai