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  1. thanks for the friend add:)

  2. trying to get the weave down!

  3. something's gotta give...right?

  4. your tracing demonstration was very helpful. i am currently just learning to freehand and seeing the trace combos really helped make sense in my head! thanks!

  5. When it comes down to it, love is why i get up in the morning

  6. welcome to the family!

  7. welcome to the family!

  8. welcome to the family!

  9. knees are stupid! they just seem to get in the way. but, we would not be able to walk without them. hmmm things to ponder!

  10. i just wanna live inside a light show. is that too much to ask!?

  11. i do not believe bees have knees...but who is to say!?

  12. When the world falls apart i will hold you in my arms like a friend-dash berlin