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  1. "off my pickle" is something a British girl said on a documentary about mdma. Look up "Drugged high on Ecstasy" and it's on there. It's a pretty good documentary.
  2. Kandi sex (in glow in the dark beads) Rave slave(glow in the dark) dance with me(glow in the dark) love all(glow in the dark) lets fuck ing rage there is a space in between the fuck and ing because it's a saying off of a shirt i <3 molly tasty plur nom nom bass hugs not hate light show kiss me im rolliing womp skrillex oh my god-i made that one because i saw him on nye this year dubfix---filthy. dubfix is a local every month rave in the state i live in i <3 bass xtc rainbows(glow in the dark) mdmazing x stasy mdma wob wob wob sexy party molly is my bitch drop the bass <3nympho<3 kandi panda i l<3ve you bass face huugs