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  1. Sure I'd be interested. Just hit me up when we get into the area.

    I'm going to Glow for Cosmic Gate tomorrow night personally.

  2. hey im going to an event 2mmorrow called third eye chance will you being going. and if not im coming around the college park area to go visit my fam maybe we can have a freehanding sesh

  3. Sounds good! Just shoot me a message if you're ever up in the area.

  4. hey whats up. i go to the college park area every now and then. Im down to practice i've been trying to get some new ideas for moves even tho im still practicing some basics ive only been freehanding for a few month seriously.

  5. 5days till tiestooo:)))

  6. sounds good to me, cant wait !

  7. Sup, thought this site was gunna be ghost for a while, but hey im new to the site but i live in NoVA and im down to plan a meet up to learn some. :P

  8. Alright cool message me when your down to plan a meet up, hhaa thanks.

  9. id be down for a meetup but im in canada for school most of the year, i dont get back for another 3 weeks and then im not back in the country until summer...also that is an epic profile picture

  10. How many days in a row can you post?

  11. hey you in the dmv area?

    we should get together for a sesh someday.

    im new to it but im always down to learn so i can improve.

  12. hey nova area?

    we should meet up for a rave sesh.

    help a newbie out

  13. hey man nova?

    watched ur videos u improved redic fast, im new to freehanding and no nothing of stringing, maybe we can meet at a rave and u can give me some pointers. iight dude peace.

  14. I listen to the music see the lights and feel the happiness