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  1. Fanime Glowsticking Meetup 05-29-2016

    It was a blast
  2. GSC Revival Collab

    The word got spread, I'm totally down.
  3. I'm not even gonna touch straight jackets for a while haha. It's just looks like one of those things that just won't click for me.
  4. SoCal Roll Call!

    You're from Ventura? Awesome! I'm in San Luis Obispo right now, but over winter break or something we could totally try a meetup or something.
  5. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I'm here! And I am posting in this topic. It's true!
  6. Lovin the profile pic

  7. I tried learning that a while ago... that was the first move that I actually got pretty frustrated about. I still haven't actually learned it or gotten it down yet, I gave up after my calves got bruised.
  8. SoCal Roll Call!

    Post here if your ANYWHERE in SoCal with where you live specifically and some contact info! melvenorc12 told me that SoCal could really use some activity and meet ups, so LET'S GET TO IT. I'm from Ventura! And my AIM is dddddairy! Uhhh... don't mind the name, I made it in middle school. Now it's your turn! Yes, you, guest who hasn't made an account yet. Make one!
  9. I understand that everyone learns and progresses at their own pace, but what move did you personally feel like you just spent too much time learning? I'm trying to get down waist wraps right now, but it made me realize that I have not learned how to do a reverse two beat weave yet haha. Most things weave related, I felt like I took a while to learn. I couldn't get the normal 3 beat or 2 beat weave for what felt like a long time to me. All I did was stand still and do continuous arm wraps.
  10. New Wave Here 2 Stay

    Hello fellow new(er-ish) stringer! About 7 months under my belt here. Or well, I'll say in my sleeve since I don't really wear belts. But kemicalU4ia is right! I'm here to stay. I know I've got at LEAST four more years to, what with SLO GLO and all. And I'm not planning on jumping ship... ever.
  11. Name: David Age: 18 in less than two weeks Gender: Male Location: Southern California Interests: All sorts of things, glowstringing, making videos, doing special effects, playing guitar/bass, playing video games... and probably some other things too Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Cosmos/Not sure/Community Musical Interest: All. Like really, all. Metal, Classic Rock, Ska, Country, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro, Fusion, Jazz and everything in between. Goal in the next 5 years: Graduate college. Goal in the next 20 years: Be not boring What turns you on about the opposite sex: Being female? If i had a million dollars I would: Fill a friend's house entirely with pennies I am good at: not talking about what I'm good at. School (if applicable): Cal Poly SLO Work (if applicable): None at the moment I am on because: I want to learn how to be an awesome glowstringing. My website/picutures are located: On my hard drive I think Describe yourself: Ehh What do you do for fun? Whatever I listed as an interest above. Random fact about yourself: I can bend my pinky backwards to my wrist? What you did last weekend: Try surfing for the first time What you do when you go out: Whatever my friend tell me to do, as long as it is within the law usually. Are you in a relationship? Nope. Are you looking to be in a relationship? Nope.