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  1. Fanime Glowsticking Meetup 05-29-2016

    It was a blast
  2. GSC Revival Collab

    The word got spread, I'm totally down.
  3. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I guess there won't be a Haunted Collab 6
  4. Oh man those flourishes look awesome... I'm gonna show them to melvenorc12 since they seem right up his alley haha
  5. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Looks like all we need to do to revive GSC is to make a lot of collab threads
  6. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    Ok, this is getting insane. This collab is just... Man, there's like NO way I can wait for this any longer, I'm just gonna sleep for 5 days brb
  7. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I have footage from Guinto and a few other people from SLO GLO, gonna get them to you tomorrow/later today. Ran into some compression issues and now I'm too tired.
  8. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I don't know if I want to submit anything anymore with all of these massively gigantic names interested haha
  9. GSC Haunted Collab 5

    I'm interested! I'll try and bug some other SLO GSC members to get in on this...
  10. I'm not even gonna touch straight jackets for a while haha. It's just looks like one of those things that just won't click for me.
  11. SoCal Roll Call!

    You're from Ventura? Awesome! I'm in San Luis Obispo right now, but over winter break or something we could totally try a meetup or something.
  12. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    I'm here! And I am posting in this topic. It's true!
  13. Lovin the profile pic

  14. That happened to me when I tried to log on to youtube on another friend's computer. Are you using Chrome? That's what I was using, and when we tried it on Safari, it worked, so maybe it's the browser.
  15. I tried learning that a while ago... that was the first move that I actually got pretty frustrated about. I still haven't actually learned it or gotten it down yet, I gave up after my calves got bruised.