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  1. Thanks very much man, i'm currently working on my BTB wallplane wraps, thanks to your tutorial. i will certainly drop you a message if i need tutorials for a certain moves. :D

  2. hey dude glad you learned something from my tutorials if you haven any request feel free to ask me :) ive got a whole bunch im gonna film once im done school this term

  3. Name: Victor Age: 25 Gender: Male Location: Quezon City, Philippines Interests: Video Games, Hanging out with friends, watching movies TV show: The Simpsons, HIMYM, House, Big Bang Theory Musical Interest: more of anything depends on the mood, but mostly trance, electro house, techno and dubstep Goal in the next 5 years: to find a stable job and be better in glowstinging Goal in the next 20 years: alive and kicking What turns you on about the opposite sex: If i had a million dollars I would: shelter my family and start a small business I am good at: making people smile :3 School (if applicable): Work (if applicable): I am on glowsticking.com because: so much interest on glowstringing, at first only learning on youtube videos, but not knowing anybody on the field is really lonely, and based on the watermarks on some videos i've watched that led me here. and yes i wanted to learn more and be humble on what i will be achieving in the present and future My website/picutures are located: Describe yourself: simple What do you do for fun?: practice glowstringing, arcade and video games Random fact about yourself: i have the same birthday as Ippo Makunochi (Hajime no Ippo - Anime Character) What you did last weekend: glowstring with my neighbor and met some fire poi spinner What yo do when you go out: hang out, chill with friends, watch movie, talk tales of what happen the past days (more on exciting and embarrassing stories) Are you in a relationship? Are you looking to be in a relationship?