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  1. Glowsticks & Shots

    Just a little something since I haven't made a video in so long due to being LOCKED UP! Done with that though.
  2. Glowsticks & Shots

    Any feedback guys?
  3. I missed this forum. Bring it back guys!
  4. There. I just viewed the source code for the page and got it. Oooh! I want to make a response to this video! I love those moves.
  5. Oh really? Nice. Just a year and a half for me. Been doing it non stop though. You have any videos?

  6. That works, if you want to combine them. And thanks, I'll post the link for those traces.
  7. You're welcome. How long you been stringing, or whatever it is you do?

  8. Cool. Well the first clip can be discarded if need be. Just wanted to add something. Will add more when I can
  9. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    How are you?

  10. Close look at getting into meteor/onestring where they can pull off easily. Well, this next one isn't technically a link catch. I just didn't know a good name for it. You can do a link catch after the first catch though and it'll pull off into link catch (if you hold the strings correctly. May be a little hard to identify the pull off but it's not hard to do.
  11. Well, as far as I'm concerned, they shall forever be called Serpents. Well, one of them is a tutorial. It just shows how to get into onestring so that you can pull off instead of them being stuck in onestring. The other I got right now is just a short clip showing me going in and out of onestring through a link catch. (it makes it to where you can't really see it pop off which I think is nifty.)
  12. Weeeeellll, I never really said I was digging them Just that it's a cool name for what I had another name for, lol They are good though. I'm just happy to see it finally used in these Concept Blogs. Not many people post videos with onestringing/meteor. I want to post a few moves with them, see what yall think. I already have two videos for onestringing on my YouTube Channel. Could I post those here? Or do they need to be new videos?
  13. Suzume(sparrow) - Serpents is a good name for them. I always just called them onestring body tracing, never really thought to give them a real name. I love that you did meteor (onestring). This makes me want to post some
  14. I've always wondered

    Hahaha. I so remember Bozo the Clown XD