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  1. Tinychat anyone?

    This site is dying
  2. Glowsticks & Shots

    Any feedback guys?
  3. I missed this forum. Bring it back guys!
  4. Glowsticks & Shots

    Just a little something since I haven't made a video in so long due to being LOCKED UP! Done with that though.
  5. There. I just viewed the source code for the page and got it. Oooh! I want to make a response to this video! I love those moves.
  6. Yeh but I haven't had the chance to upload them yet. When I do, I let ya know.

  7. Oh really? Nice. Just a year and a half for me. Been doing it non stop though. You have any videos?

  8. I've been stringing for two years and just starting to learn how to free hand. What about you?

  9. That works, if you want to combine them. And thanks, I'll post the link for those traces.
  10. You're welcome. How long you been stringing, or whatever it is you do?

  11. Cool. Well the first clip can be discarded if need be. Just wanted to add something. Will add more when I can
  12. Hello! Thanks for stopping by. :)

    How are you?

  13. Close look at getting into meteor/onestring where they can pull off easily. Well, this next one isn't technically a link catch. I just didn't know a good name for it. You can do a link catch after the first catch though and it'll pull off into link catch (if you hold the strings correctly. May be a little hard to identify the pull off but it's not hard to do.