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  1. anyone know how to do and get into oth fb sj crossers? if so then how did you practice your oth full body sjs? and what is the position of your arms? thanks i'ma nub
  2. thanks dude =] hmm but what do you mean by the hand that is pointing downward and the hand that is pointing up? is it like the hand that is wrapping down and the hand that is wrapping up? lol haha i'm so stupid
  3. ha i'm a nub. i used to think lock out wraps were just straight jacket wraps but apparently not. help please? trying to learn them
  4. yeah i agree. i'm starting to make some of my own LEDz too. the ones in the video look pretty bright, but then pretty small at the same time. hey and if any of you guys still have sonik's sticks, can you maybe take a pic of them and post them on gsc.com? ty
  5. so i heard sonik isn't making anymore LED lights anymore. anyone got any ideas to make their own lights