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  1. That is some crazy amazing glowsticking! XD
  2. Resurrecting a dead thread... but... I thought this was an interesting topic because last night my husband asked me if getting into glowsticking meant I was going to start doing drugs. >_< I told him that there's no reason why I should do drugs to glowstick because I just love dancing and things that glow so it's only natural that I like it and he told me to "be careful" because "all glowstickers are on drugs", and that's "common knowledge" since obviously, nobody could be into glowsticking unless they are on shrooms ore LSD. I was wondering how true the stereotype was, but it seems that a large group of people are like me - into the artistic dancing aspect, and that pleases me.
  3. Name: Setsuki Age: 27 Gender: Female Location: Wisconsin Interests: Music, dolls, dancing, reptiles (mostly snakes), sewing, art (drawing/painting), reading, writing... and about a billion other things. Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book- Watership Down...maybe. or maybe The Walking Drum by Louis L'amore. Magazine - Arena37c TV Show - I don't really watch TV... but when I did I watched Kim Possible a lot. XD Musical Interest: I love a lot of different musics... if it sounds good, I like it. XD I really like a lot of techno and industrial... and other things. But I'm also super into foreign music and cultural/traditional music. I love Japanese, Korean, German, Romanian.... yeah.... all types. Some of my favorite musicians though are VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Groove Coverage, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Gackt, T.M. Revolution, Basshunter, Enya, Pittbull, Disturbed... and a billion others. XD Goal in the next 5 years: To become a teacher... or a tattoo artist. Goal in the next 20 years: I hope to still be alive. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Manners and Chivalry If i had a million dollars I would: Pay my bills.... I am good at: I am decent at drawing... kinda. And I'm decent at dancing. And I am told I am a good teacher. School (if applicable): Graduated college. That should count for something. Work (if applicable): I teach developmentally disabled/mentally handicapped people to have manners and how to have good hygiene. I am on because: I would like to pick up glowsticking again. I did it quite a few years ago and haven't dabbled in it in a while. My website/picutures are located: is where my artwork is. Describe yourself: Jack of all trades, master of none. What do you do for fun? Draw, sew, knit, read, write, play tetris, dance on the bleachers in the park in the middle of the night whilst taking my dog on a walk.... Random fact about yourself: I can fold an origami crane out of a piece of paper that is a 1/4 of an inch square. What you did last weekend: Played World of Warcraft, washed my dishes, and listened to a book on CD so I could "read" while doing the dishes. What yo do when you go out: Dance Are you in a relationship? Yes Are you looking to be in a relationship? No. Already have one.