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  1. Name: C.J. Age: 26 Gender: Male Location: Greer, SC Interests: Reading, music, cars and the modification thereof, video games Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Book: Dresden Files series, Magazine: I don't really read any....., TV Show: Suits Musical Interest: My tastes vary widely. I grew up on a steady diet of rock and metal, then slipped into electronica around high school. Been hooked ever since, but ultimately I just listen to whatever I like. Goal in the next 5 years: Enjoy life to the fullest while I still can. Goal in the next 20 years: wife, house, kids, all that jazz. What turns you on about the opposite sex: Hmm... Personality, and a great body in that order. If i had a million dollars I would: Buy a big hunk of property somewhere and build a rally course in my back yard, I am good at: Anything I put my mind to. But seriously, i have a very technical and analytical mind, so i am great with anything mechanical. School (if applicable): High school diploma, some college. Went for engineering, but got bored. Went back and got my certifications for welding. Work (if applicable): Welder/Robot programmer I am on because: I want to become better, and i feel this is a great place to meet people and further my skills. My website/picutures are located: Facebook Describe yourself: I am kind of an oddball. I am quite shy, but LOVE what little of the rave scene since being introduced to it. I am smart, but tend to be humble about it. I believe there is always more to learn about everything, and i will never stop trying to learn all i can. I am a certifiable car nut. What do you do for fun? Not much, lately. I try to get out whenever I can, but there is very little to do around here. I watch a bit of TV, and used to play video games, but work has taken my free time from me. Random fact about yourself: I have been to Australia What you did last weekend: As lame as it sounds, I just sat around. Kinda broke after having to take time off work to attend my dad's funeral... :'( What yo do when you go out: I usually just hang with my friends at a bar. Are you in a relationship? Unfortunately, no. Never have been, as a matter of fact. Are you looking to be in a relationship? If the opportunity presents itself, of course.