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  1. Well if Sonik stole your money then should talk to him he is Patrick Balthis on facebook and his friend is from SA his name is Albert Torres on fb and he makes some with switch at the top and battery holder at bottom and are like white GL ultras in brightness so they are pretty bright

  2. you said on the comments of this led stick picture that one of sonik's friends is making LEDs now, who is it and how to I contact them? Cause I tried to get some from sonik and all he did was steal my money

  3. Name: José Age: 16 Gender: male Location: Guatemala Interests: music, glowsticks, drums & pretty much anything fun or weird Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Ask Alicia, Transworld, South Park Musical Interest: Trance, Hardstyle, tecktonik ¬¬ , Deathcore metal, Melodeath metal Symphonic metal (i noo that sounds emo but im noot ) Goal in the next 5 years: Glowstringing god ¬¬, graduating from school, studying some ingeneery Goal in the next 20 years:Dont noo yet What turns you on about the opposite sex: Personality and body If i had a million dollars I would: invest it to win way more I am good at: Glows, sk8ing, music, computers ¬¬ & sleeping Xd School (if applicable): La Preparatoria Work (if applicable): working on vacations on God knows where I am on because: I love this art & like to meet people into this My website/picutures are located: on Fb Describe yourself: 1.80, short hair, like to wear skate clothes, persistent, mood changing What do you do for fun? glowsticking, hanging out, shopping (Sounded so gay X( ), sk8ing, longboarding, hanging out with friends(mostly), partying (hate Guatemalan raves X( ), and playing music or videogames Random fact about yourself: like to joke around with sex ALOT, & im only 16 & have a PHD (Pretty Huge Dick) What you did last weekend: Going to a party & cracking my first Ultras , hangin with friends & chillin in my house What yo do when you go out: Pretty much anything i want Are you in a relationship? just broke up with my gf Are you looking to be in a relationship? no...or at least not now