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  1. I like to roll every once in a while. In fact, I'll even go so far to say I love a good roll with some good friends. Surprisingly, glowstringing started and pretty much remains a sober activity for me. I've tried it while fucked up and it's just kind of frustrating. I use it just like I use the music I write - as a form of expression... and being anything other than sober prevents me from expressing what I need to express. But I do love doing to raves and giving people who are rolling light shows. Melt faces. That sort of stuff. When I was at a bassnectar concert in new york a few weeks ago, I had someone come up to me every 5 minutes asking if I had molly. Granted, I was wearing white UFO-style pants sitting on a comfy blanket at the back of the crowd with flowlights in my hands, glowbracelets on my arms, and glowsticks around my neck, but still, it got kind of cumbersome. I kept thinking people were going to come up and talk to me about poi or strike up an interesting conversation... but nope, all about the pills. AS FOR THE ORIGINAL QUESTION: I don't personally ask everyone around me if they're rolling, but I understand why others do. When I roll, I tend to distrust everyone around me who isn't (unless I know them very well). The fact is, if you're on MDMA, all you care about is feeling good and making other people feel good. If you're not on MDMA, you can easily take advantage of people that are... and for that very reason, it's nice to have a heads up if you're on the same plane.

    add me on fb, still wanna meet up and do some stringing?

  3. knot comes undone, poi flies into face during orbital = end of practice session

  4. i need to learn how to freehand

  5. Name: maestro (or DT) Age: 23 Gender: Male Location: Nothern Virginia (Fairfax, specifically... anyone else in the area?) Interests: music, guitar, singing, etc Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: i don't like picking favorites, there's too many to list! Musical Interest: anything that's good. anything that i write. anything with a beat. also, a lot of muse. Goal in the next 5 years: have an album recorded. Goal in the next 20 years: i don't think that far ahead. What turns you on about the opposite sex: smile, feeling comfortable with themselves, being able to talk If i had a million dollars I would: quit the real world I am good at: things that i care about School (if applicable): not right now Work (if applicable): i do IT work, network security. it's boring as hell. I am on because: my friend asked me one night about 2 months ago if i wanted to "play with glowsticks" ... i've been learning ever since! My website/picutures are located: well, i guess? Describe yourself: extremely laid back, generally accepting of everything/everyone, tries to practice permabliss (do whatever it takes to make yourself happy unless it interferes with someone else's happiness), when i find something i like i stick to it and sometimes wear it out too fast, extremely musical What do you do for fun? music, and lately poi Random fact about yourself: when i was young i wasn't allowed to listen to rock music because it was considered devil music by my parents What you did last weekend: i went to a few parties and then camped out at DMT, which was my first rave :) What yo do when you go out: anything that seems like it would be fun at the time, usually regardless of whether or not it is a good/bad decision Are you in a relationship? not currently Are you looking to be in a relationship? if i met someone that i felt genuinely connected to, then of course