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  1. That sounds like a good idea. I just need to figure out how I'd get there. Sadly, I still am not licensed fully so I can't drive there. Hopefully my friends will come along. And yeah I have facebook. I'll add you up:)

  2. http://www.purerave.com/events/21400

    im prolly going to that event hey do you have facebook or another way of contacting you? ill let you know the next time im down at ur end,

    http://www.facebook.com/bad.karaoke is my facebook

  3. Hey yeah im from canada:) im from the GTA actually, outside toronto in mississauga:) I just recently started going to raves and im more into the glowsticking than anything. call it a side effect from the card magic and contact juggling i sorta do on and off.

    but for sure! a meet up would be good! i really dont know anyone who does any gs stuff so someone who knows what hes doing i...

  4. oops hit enter prematurely yeah itd be great if we could meet -up / session

  5. Hey i read ur post on leds are you from canada? if so what part canadian gs.cers UNITE!