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  1. holy shit

    i honestly cant believe i just remembered my password..havent logged in for like... 3 years lol
  2. I dont know if anyone else cares but...I came across this epic video someone took of EDC back in 2000 ...anyway...its pretty epic, and worth watching also, the video gets really cool at like 0:42:00 if you get bored, fast forward it a bit lol
  3. Hey guys!!

    hey everyone!! i havent been on GSC for like...a year (since edclv 2012) anyway ... whats up? dunno who's still around but...yeah, just saying hi.
  4. hey guys

    probably wont be for a while man...unfortunately we have to pay for internet (35$ for 10 gigs/month) which is sooo fucking, common, its the 21st century!! unrelated: i met a guy at EDCLV 2012 and he said he used to be on gsc, anyway, he was a pretty cool guy / lived in my area (i think thats what he said) his name is Connor and he likes to go by qwerty ... that ring any bells with you photon?
  5. hey guys

    sup everyone!! i know its been ages since ive been on here, but ive been really currently in australia doing a year long study abroad program so im +14 hours (from the east coast) so most of us are on pretty different time zones..,anyway..just wanted to say hi, and to see how everones doing
  6. do you know when tickets are supposed to go on sale? i really wanna go again, it was unbelievable
  7. i had a 30 minute video of being upfront at bingo players and Flux Pavilion ... buttttttt i lost my goddamn no
  8. hey everyone, i met a really cool guy, connor at EDC, he said he used to be a member on gsc..hes got the raver name of qwerty...anyway...i was wondering if this rang any bells...i think he used to be a freehander
  9. sounds good to me, cant wait !

  10. Alright cool message me when your down to plan a meet up, hhaa thanks.

  11. id be down for a meetup but im in canada for school most of the year, i dont get back for another 3 weeks and then im not back in the country until summer...also that is an epic profile picture

  12. hey man nova?

    watched ur videos u improved redic fast, im new to freehanding and no nothing of stringing, maybe we can meet at a rave and u can give me some pointers. iight dude peace.

  13. just wanted to say that there is a really good chance im going d^_^b cant wait!!