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  1. holy shit

    i honestly cant believe i just remembered my password..havent logged in for like... 3 years lol
  2. sounds good to me, cant wait !

  3. Alright cool message me when your down to plan a meet up, hhaa thanks.

  4. id be down for a meetup but im in canada for school most of the year, i dont get back for another 3 weeks and then im not back in the country until summer...also that is an epic profile picture

  5. hey man nova?

    watched ur videos u improved redic fast, im new to freehanding and no nothing of stringing, maybe we can meet at a rave and u can give me some pointers. iight dude peace.

  6. Tinychat failing

    make sure your running the most recent version of firefox...but yeah, firefox was the only program that let me run tinychat...[although nocturne somehow manages to make it work] it doesnt work on chrome and because my firefox is bugged right now, internet explorer works as well..but thats just a really crappy browser
  7. Tinychat failing

    actually you make a good point here tico, i cant connect on chrome..but i could on firefox, so i have to run multiple browsers, [chrome and IE] just because my firefox needs to be re-installed it jangled on me darn technology
  8. Tinychat failing

    dont know what thats all about, but, im pretty sure it randomly kicks everyone out of the chat at one time or another, in the middle of a sentence and stuff like that...its quite annoying haha
  9. i miss you around here man!

  10. You're learning really, really fast!

    great spinning, man!

  11. yeah im down for that, even as a new guy id be willing to throw in some footage, even if it is of super simple concepts
  12. so, its 5:21 EST and its my first week of glowstringing, ive got 3bt weave, forward reverse, 180 and 360, reverse buzzsaw, butterflies and sorta have spirals...any thoughts? :D