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  1. Name: STP/Cookie Monster Age: 20 Gender: M Location: PA Philadelphia area Interests: Stringing, gloving, raving, gaming, and having fun Favorite Book/Magazine/TV show: Don't really have a favorite as far as any type of entertainment goes. I like what I like =) Apologies for being so vague. Musical Interest: A bunch of genres. Pretty much anything electronic. Metal and all assortments of it. Some rap and a few other types of music. Goal in the next 5 years: To figure out what I want to do the next 5 years after steps XD Goal in the next 20 years: ^^ What turns you on about the opposite sex: Why is this question relevant? What I like is what turns me on If i had a million dollars I would: Get a house, save the rest. I am good at: Meeting new people School (if applicable):Not applicable =P Work (if applicable): I was actually just laid off =/ I am on because: I've been trying to find a community that I can exchange ideas with and have common interests with any time of day. My website/picutures are located: on facebook Describe yourself: I'm a generally up beat person. I'll also talk to anybody. What do you do for fun?: I'll rave hangout and play video games Random fact about yourself: I have a hello kitty snap bracelet What you did last weekend: Looked for a job What yo do when you go out: I'll normally have as good a time as I possibly can Are you in a relationship? No Are you looking to be in a relationship? I guess it depends on the circumstances