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  1. So the BF and I managed to snag some tickets before they sold out, anyone else who happens to be reading this going next year?
  2. Suuuup man. Time flies. Glad to see I'm not the only one who decided to check in on stuff. Hopefully should be posting a video soon. Gotta get some of this rust off lol To anyone reading this, anyone hitting up any festivals in the 2020 season?
  3. Oh hey look! I'm a "senior member" now. Sup everyone?
  4. Getting all nostalgiac for the good ol GSC days. Thought I'd update everyone on what's been up.

    Lots of growing up has happened. Engagement broke off, which is whatever, but things settle out and get better with time.

    Might be going to EDC 2020! Would be super stoked to see any of you all there!

  5. so how's life?

    Well let's see, I "moved" to Canada for about 5 months (couldn't get a work visa to save my life) and moved back to good ol' NM xD Finally got huggy crossers down. It only took me... 5 years? Also engaged. So that's a thing.

    I decided to film a video and post it on here. Haven't filmed in a while, and I'm kinda out of practice. But it really was fun to pick up my sticks again.
  7. GSC Chat lives again!

  8. Wow I had fun. Need to do that more often.

  9. I'm beginning to think that the guy from HowToBasic legitimately has a mental disorder...

  10. *sigh* remember when Weezer was good?

  11. Next Colorado Meetup

    I think we should meet up at I Dream. I'll be travelling up to the Colorado area from NM for that event
  12. When you find a thread from 2009 coming back to life, and can't help but post in it. When your car/room/person reeks of glowsticks constantly. When people see bruises on your arms and think you're abused.
  13. Working on getting tickets to the EDC. Gonna be broke again soon.

  14. Poly-rhythms. Gah. I'm STILL working on these. I can't reverse them.
  15. Dude the Colorado members are all so awesome. Luckily I live just an hour away from that marvelous state haha. Buuuut, if there's ever anything awesome happening at Red Rocks, I'll be there and on the lookout for ya!
  16. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Oh definitely. Especially once the ads are gone (GO DAVE) it will be so much more awesome on TC.
  17. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Freehandy-sack. Ohhhhh yeah.
  18. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    One time I was using some horrible Coleman glowsticks at this club, and as I was stringing, the hook broke, spraying glowing blue liquid... All over some guy about twice the size of me. The stick hit him in the face too. I never went back there.
  19. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    You don't necessarily need a webcam to join tinychat, most of us aren't on cam most of the time.
  20. Glowstickers Where Are You!

    Still here, and stuff. Posting less due to school and such though, but I'll do my best to get people back in here. Just found out that there are more glowstickers in my area than I had originally thought. I'll just camp out in tinychat every day from now on, just to see if people join.
  21. I'm actually not crazy about it. There are some decent places but eh.

  22. Doin good. How's it living in Australia? I have a friend spending a year there for school.

  23. Oh hello there. Always awesome to see new faces on the GSC. How are you?

  24. Oh hai. I see you are a NM stringer. Me as well.

  25. Just a bit over a month until EDC!