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    circles, right angles, conservation of angular momentum, physics, education, terraforming, simultaneous smiles, making the world a better place.

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  1. really man, thanks alot for your comments.

  2. Badkaraoke where did you get those bright yellow strings at? Those are super visible, and I would love to have some so I could post some unlit sticks videos and have them be actually visible.
  3. I'm never really working on one thing I'm usually kind of all over the place. Lately I've been working on a lot of tech poish stuff. I'm trying to get frontal isolations down so I can do that frontal isolation antispin flower. Been working on cateyes I've got vertical cateyes down pretty good now but horizontal cateyes with glowsticks are so freeeaking hard. I have no clue how ellezdey-retro does his so smooth. Other concepts I'm working on Doing tech poi stuff with one hand and technical glowstringing with the other and trying to work out sort of a hybrid theory for techpoi vs wraps. Planechanger thru wraps - I still don't get these. more isolations, I've been carrying a sock poi around with me and doing isolations everywhere lol.
  4. Murfreesboro so like 30 mins away from Nashville, but I figured people who aren't from Tennessee wouldn't know where that's at so I put Nashville.
  5. While you're at it you should make a new vid too! Even if it's with dead sticks. We need moar vids. I've watched everything on youtube and in archives like 5 times each now. zzzzz