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  1. Don't listen to other people's shit on here. You're the one getting booked.

    Does everyone else on here post their mixes? Fuck no. ;)

  2. Hey ignore the message I sent you, found the song in one of your mixes, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :D

  3. Yo Tide!!! how goes it??? How is everything back home???

    I get to go to my first massive this weekend!!! YaY!!! tell everyone I says hi...

    that is... you are still in Hawaii no?

  4. umm maybe livewire? if i canmake it out lol

  5. So when am I ever gonna meet you!!

  6. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    For those in Fresno, my friends new resturant just opened up, its called Twist Lounge. If you wanna check out a great place to eat and listen to beats, thats the place to go! Go here to check out more info about it --->
  7. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Ah is Club Glow still around? My bro spins there, goes by the name DJ Randy.
  8. Fresno's Winter Meet Up

    Fresno glad theres still ravers there. i lived there back in 2001 and partied there when picasso, reggie, jordan were throwing parties. do they still have those ghetto raves at the fresno fair grounds lol with all the rebel kids. man i miss the fresno scene. also if you guys wanna check out a dope resturant opening up that will be featuring live djs, or u need a job, check out or